Anderson Group PH Gives to the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul

A vibrant afternoon it was last December 20, 2016 for everyone but not an ordinary Tuesday for the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and Anderson Group BPO, Inc. (AGPH). As part of the vocation of Grace Custodio, AGPH Country Manager, the Anderson team took part in one of 2016’s most memorable moments as they altogether shared the spirit of Christmas with the families living near the area. Two hundred families from Parañaque City were invited to become part of AGPH’s Noche Buena Gift Giving. It was a time for enjoying the season as AGPH shared the bountiful blessings that were bestowed upon them. The benefactors together with the AGPH team took delight of the afternoon.


Several games were played for the excitement of the families. There were dancers and singers from the guests who cheerfully shared their talents with everyone. The AGPH team also did not miss their chance to bring more joy, as they danced and sang for the families and staff of the Daughters of Charity Provincial House.


Grace also gave a heartfelt speech for the staff of the charity house and for everyone who became a part of the unforgettable event. It was amazing how it all started out as her own cause and blossomed out with AGPH being a part of this wonderful opportunity to impart and celebrate with the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. She evidently showed through her speech how the Daughters of Charity is close to her heart.


The love was profoundly felt by everyone as they all shared laughter and bond during the Noche Buena Gift Giving activity. Each family who attended the party and the staff of the charity house happily received a gift from AGPH. Joy and cheerfulness were clearly visible in the faces of everyone who attended the event, not only from the families but also from the Anderson team.


Here in Anderson Group BPO, Inc., we truly believe in the spirit of Christmas and how it reminds us of the many wondrous things kindness can do. As Norman Vincent Peale, an author, once said about Christmas, it waves a magic want over the world and makes everything softer and more beautiful.

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