No to Multi-tasking with outsourcing

Avoid Multi-Tasking Through Outsourcing

Multi-tasking is a skill  sought after by employers. After all, a person with the ability to accomplish a multitude of tasks is a rare resource. But will a business really benefit from multi-taskers? Or this is simply a trend that is brought upon by the immense capabilities technology brings us?

This study by the American Psychological Association shows that multi-tasking is unproductive and would actually incur more cost for the business. Another study shows that people who are adept at multi-tasking is extremely rare.

Contrary to the popular belief, seeking multi-tasking employees isn’t really a sound investment for your business. However, heavy workloads, the primary reason why there is a need to multi-task, are omnipresent in every business. How can it be resolved?

Enter outsourcing in the equation. With outsourcing, employees won’t need to multi-task; they can focus on their roles in the team. Here are the reason why:

Resource heavy

Business, especially startups or small business, operate with extremely limited resources, from infrastructure to manpower. BPO providers are equipped with resources to tackle large business operations.Business should take advantage of BPO providers’ resources through outsourcing to increase their capacity.


The various expertise of BPO providers are spread among numerous fields. These fields include tackling menial or repetitive tasks. Have no worries giving out a variety of tasks as BPO agents undergo intensive training that will enable them to accomplish different tasks.


Proper division of workload is an effective way to combat multi-tasking. Evaluate your operations and delegate non-core tasks to qualified individuals or parties. Outsourcing is one of the most effective and cost-efficient delegation methods.

Avoid multi-tasking all together. You’re better off investing in a well-managed offshore team. We can relieve your business of the heavy workload that is weighing your team down.

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