3 Business Lessons from IKEA’s Purchase of an Online Marketplace for Home Solutions

Smart investments go a long way in business.


More often than not, business owners opt to rely on themselves in all business matters. This is only reasonable because doing otherwise would mean a bit of risk. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with having this mentality, however, business owners need to be careful not to lose sight on investments that are worthy to take in doing so. 

A good example of a smart investment is Ikea’s recent purchase of TaskRabbit, an online firm that connects individuals with home-related struggles to freelance workers fit to execute such tasks. Through TaskRabbit, IKEA customers now have the option to simply hire freelancers to purchase, deliver, and assemble their furniture for them – freeing the customers from these burdens. At present, TaskRabbit operates as an independent company within Ikea.

After a trial run on some Ikea stores in London, the furniture retailer giant implements the TaskRabbit partnership on its various stores globally. This initiative from Ikea gives three valuable lessons that business owners shouldn’t miss.

  1. Build better relationships with your customers.

    Customers are always at the center of any business primarily because customer feedback
    on products and services are crucial for business growth. More specifically, their satisfaction could mean increased opportunities for repeat purchase and referrals. With this, business owners should consistently learn more about the evolving needs of their customers so as to create or develop means to serve them better.
  2. Keep up-to-date with technology.Customers’ needs are constantly evolving, with technology as one of the key reasons.  With this, it is important for business owners to cope, learning ways in order to match their supply with the demands of their clients. It is with this thinking that Ikea purchased TaskRabbit and enabled a much convenient option for their clients with struggles in assembling their newly-purchased furniture.More than that, technology also opens many opportunities to boost certain areas of the business such as marketing, advertising, and market research. Some of the key technological innovations that business owners should maximize are the social media, chat apps, mobile apps and etc.
  1. Venture out and develop right partnerships

    Dealing with all business matters independently is not always the smartest decision to do. Sometimes, broadening your options and developing partnerships to overcome a challenge or improve service and product offerings could elevate the business to a much higher level. In its very nature, this is the role of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies to business owners. They provide inexpensive solutions to cater to their business needs, may it be to help with time-consuming, repetitive functions of their business or to open new avenues that could fuel business growth. With a dedicated and knowledgeable offshore team to concentrate on a specific set of tasks, outsourcing is indeed a smart investment. All of this to happen, of course, with the right BPO partner.

At Anderson BPO, the management ensures that their resources, equipment and human wise, are adept to deliver solutions to any business need they will be confronted with. With a team that lives by the values’ Collaborative, Adaptable, Passionate, Evolving and Trustworthy, you will surely get the best value for the money you invested. Collaborate with us today! Contact paulos@andersongroup.uk.com to start the conversation.

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