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Secure and organize all your information

Anderson Group BPO, Inc. lives to help its clients become more successful. We fulfill this through training our people to be their best in delivering our services. Careful and skillful, we ensure the quality of our services always.

One of the services that our adept team do is data entry. In a nutshell, data entry is the process of entering or updating information into a database. It is usually done through the use of a keyboard or an optical scanner. A data entry worker’s goal is to maintain a flawless and organized record system.

Our meticulous and detail-oriented team can handle all the information you confront with every day. Outsourcing data entry to us will give you these three main benefits:

  1. Increased productivity.

    In leaving data entry to us, you can now focus on tasks that are more crucial for your business. You will also no longer need to sift through piles of data to find what you need. It is our goal to give you an organized and updated database so you know where to get what you need with ease.

  2. Information security.

    By digitizing your data, you can secure all your information. You can now erase the possibilities of document loss due to physical hazards such as fire and floods in your risk management assessment. Also, our existing information and security management systems are proven capable to protect and secure your sensitive information with our ISO certification.

  3. Cost-efficiency.

    Having data entry in-house can be costly. Finding the right candidate to do the service can also be time-consuming. Through outsourcing data entry to us, you can get the right people for the service at a cost-competitive price.    

Below are some of the data that we can manage for you:  

  • Directory
  • Mailing List
  • Invoice Form
  • Questionnaire
  • Company Report
  • Business Card
  • Survey
  • Warranty Registration
  • Website Information
  • Insurance Claim
  • Legal Document
  • Enrollment Form
  • Manual
  • Image
  • Audio and Video

With Anderson Group BPO Inc, you can be at ease that your data is in capable hands. Our efficient data entry team will maintain your database so you can maximize productivity and secure all your information at a cost-competitive price. Send us an inquiry today at to know more about our data entry and other BPO services.