Dental Clinics Outsource Appointment Scheduling to Enjoy These 4 Brilliant Benefits

Make more people smile confidently. Outsource appointment scheduling today.

dental clinic outsourcing appointment scheduling

Dentists are responsible for many brilliant smiles in the world. On a larger scale, a person’s confidence to face the world and express himself/herself is to a large extent credited to a dentist’s mission to improve oral health. This effect is even more pronounced among professionals working for an industry that highly-requires a pleasing personality such as celebrities, flight attendants, and front desk associates. 

Nowadays, there’s already an option to book a dental appointment online. Notwithstanding this technologically-driven enhancement, some people still prefer to book a dental appointment via phone. Usually, it is because being able to speak to a person makes them feel more assured that their dental appointments are indeed scheduled. Some also find it easier to explain requests such as change of schedule through a phone call.

Large call volumes, however, can impede a dental clinic from focusing on its primary mission. If you are having a difficult time handling calls and already leaving too many calls unanswered, outsourcing appointment scheduling to a reputable offshore provider is a great solution to consider. To give you an idea, below are the benefits of outsourcing appointment-scheduling:

  1. You can efficiently manage walk-in patients. Dental clinics remain to be a business at the end of the day. You have to ensure the satisfaction of your patients with your dental services and with their overall experience in your clinic. If you are going to let your already busy-body receptionist also handle appointment-scheduling, your present customers will not be able to get the immediate attention they also need.
  2. You can guarantee that all calls are answered. Some patients are unable to call to schedule during your clinic hours because they are still at work. With an outsourced appointment scheduling, there will always be someone to pick up the phone. You can have 24/7 operations that will enable your customers to call at their most convenient time. You can also ask your offshore provider to remind your patients about their appointment by calling them prior their scheduled visit.
  3. You can be assured that patient calls will be handled competently. By outsourcing appointment scheduling to a BPO provider, you can guarantee that the calls of your patients are handled well. A BPO company utilizes metrics such as average handling time to make sure that their agents are addressing inbound calls satisfactorily.
  4. You can reduce operational expenses. This is an immediate benefit you can enjoy once you have outsourced your phone appointment scheduling. You can cross out equipment such as phones, computers, and desks from the list of operational expenses you have to pay.

Outsourcing appointment scheduling can be a good investment for your dental clinic. In doing so, you can concentrate on your core function, make sure that all phone calls are answered, ensure the quality of calls, and reduce operational costs.

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