German Ambassador Kricke

Germany to Strengthen Trade Ties with Philippines

More good news for BPO industry in the Philippines as Germany’s Ambassador  to the Philippines Gordon Kricke revealed his country’s investment plans in business process outsourcing.

There are also interests in manufacturing and providing technologies needed for infrastructure and transportation development.

Kricke said that incumbent president, Rodrigo Duterte’s vows to cleanse the government of red tape and create better business environment are sparks that helped pique Germany’s interest in opportunities in the Philippines.

Although the ambassador warned about tight restrains that is limiting foreign investors, he said that easing up the restrictions would create a better partnership and open more possibilities.

Additionally, under their government’s new policy, Germany is looking to help in the “economic development of other countries” specifically in Asian countries said Charge d’Affaires of the German Embassy Michael Hasper, during a meeting with Manila Times editorial team. Investment opportunities are also seen through helping Philippine business owners, while development banks in Germany look to help in the economic development through business.

Berlin sees more potential and a more sustainable relationship with the Philippines compared to Southeast Asian neighbors. Historically, the two countries have a great relationship. German development assistance was valued at €47 million in 2014 and investments also account for over 500,000 jobs.

This is definitely good news for the Philippine BPO industry that will hopefully see fruition soon.

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