The Future of Work: How Does It Look Like?

There’s 90% probability that the jobs we have today will vanish by 2030.

With the fast changing trends in technology, it is important for business owners to keep up.  With this, the IT-Business Process Association of the Philippines’ (IBPAP) recently held its General Membership Assembly Meeting to discuss the future trends of work at Shangri-La Makati on September 21. Leading this point of discussion was keynote speaker Regina Lim, Capital Markets Research Head of the real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) that sponsored the evening’s huddle.

Ms. Regina Lim

(Ms. Regina Lim as the keynote speaker)

Lim pointed out how technology was the obvious reason for the upcoming changes in the labor sector. She furthered that in 10 years, knowledge jobs like writing, analyzing, and interacting will also be automated. This concluded the 90% probability that white-collar professions will significantly decrease by year 2030 as artificial intelligence and robotics, among many others, are now being perfected and will efficiently be applied in businesses as replacement for human talents.

These rapidly growing technology-driven innovations require companies certain advancements to be able to cope. However, not all business owners are capable due to the apparent expensive cost. It is also undeniable that there are still forms of work that are better done by humans such as customer service, mainly because maintaining the human and personal touch is still a major factor in customer retention.

Companies should be able to foster good relationships with their customers. How? Consultant and author Chris Komisarjevsky wrote in Huffington Post that the right balance is necessary between technological and human dimensions — with the latter always being a critical part. The undying truth is nothing can really replace personal interactions. These make your customers feel that they individually matter to your company.

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