customer service representative in a BPO company

Meet the needs of your customers

Anderson Group BPO Inc. understands that customers are crucial for the continuous flow of business operations. With this, we provide services that will help companies ensure the importance of their customers. Vibrant and vigorous, we contribute to the success of our clients through strengthening their relationship with their customers.

One of our services that fulfill this mission is an inbound call center. It is a type of call center that deals with the incoming calls of customers. The goal of an inbound call center agent is to provide a significant and quick response to the needs of the customer on the other end of the line such as order taking, technical support, and data verification. A BPO company uses metrics such as first call resolution, average handle time, and customer satisfaction to measure the success of an inbound call center agent in meeting this goal. 

Our efficient and quality-oriented inbound call center agents commit to improving the satisfaction of your customers. Choosing to outsource your inbound calls to us will let you enjoy these four main benefits:

  1. A boost in revenue growth. Through outsourcing to us, you are sure of the quality of the service given to your customers. This enables the improvement of customer satisfaction, which spurs customer retention and loyalty. As a further outcome, opportunities for referrals and repeat purchase increase. Also, our inbound call center services can provide you with valuable consumer insights. This lets you know what you can improve to make your products or services more marketable.
  2. Optimized time and effort. Through our help, you can earn an efficient and ready inbound call center team to handle the needs of your customers. This frees you from the time-consuming process of recruitment. It also allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business like improving your product or service offerings.
  3. Verified security and confidentiality of business information. Anderson Group BPO, Inc. has earned an ISO 27001:2013 Certification. It is an official proof that attests the reliability of our information security management systems. With this, you can be confident that your sensitive data like customer information is safe and secured.
  4. Cost-efficiency. Setting up your inbound call center in-house can be costly, with office space take-up as the primary reason. By leaving your inbound calls to us, you can immediately have a competent inbound call center team without worrying about overhead expenses. This saves you money that you can use to invest in ventures that can let your business gain more such as the promotion of your products or services.

Below are the awesome inbound call center services that Anderson Group BPO Inc. offers:

At Anderson Group BPO Inc, we aim to help you in your journey towards success. We commit to ensuring the satisfaction of your customers to keep your business going and growing. Send us an inquiry today at to know more about our inbound call center and other BPO services.