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Why Live Chat Services are still Better than Bots

Build better customer rapport by outsourcing live chat support services

Technology has been making a multitude of things easier and faster for people. For one, online shopping is already common, and is even made cashless with online banking. Paperless applications are now possible through online submissions. Also, simultaneous and real-time communication with people across the globe is becoming more and more flexible through a lot of ways.

We are becoming more connected than we think. But even with technological advancement — in the presence of online algorithms and artificial intelligence, human interaction remains crucial.

In the field of customer service, using automated responses and chatbots to answer inquiries sounds appealing, but to what extent can a non-human carry a conversation? It is very much tempting, especially for chat support — a platform with barely any personal communication cues like tone of voice or facial expression. But as standardized response strategies are no different among competitors, such impersonal communication would not make your business stand out against rivals.

Additionally, inaccurate answers from limited-function bots can badly affect your image. An operator would have to intervene eventually when the questions get complicated. In the first place, making people talk to bots does not encourage trust and establish personal connections.

Companies should be able to foster good relationships with their customers. How? Consultant and author Chris Komisarjevsky wrote in Huffington Post that the right balance is necessary between technological and human dimensions — with the latter always being a critical part. The undying truth is, nothing can really replace personal interactions. These make your customers feel that they individually matter to your company.

For customers who are not always comfortable with calls, an efficient chat support team can immediately address concerns and answer queries with an assurance that the representatives know what needs to be done. It brings your company closer to your market, generating positive feedback, well-built connections, and customer loyalty.

Outsource chat support to a collaborative team who can effectively adjust to each unique client’s needs. Anderson PH provides live chat services with:

  • Chat support representatives who are available 24/7, making service available anytime
  • Well-trained staff you can always trust for quality service and information privacy
  • Reliable Internet service ensuring fast connection

In a continuously evolving technological age, humans still provide the better service.

With adaptable partners in Anderson PH helping you in chat support, you are sure to be there for your customers at all times. What are you waiting for? Find out more about our BPO services and see how we can help your business grow through outsourcing.

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