What Is Appointment Setting?

Appointment setting refers to the process of calling leads with the goal of setting up an appointment. This is different from a telemarketer whose primary goal is to promote a company’s products or services. Appointment setters aim to sell the idea of knowing more about a company’s products or services.

Through effective telemarketing skills, appointment setters could translate cold leads into warm leads. These leads should be warm enough to actually agree to a meeting with the manager or owner of the company for a higher level discussion. Appointment setting may also involve sending cold emails, lead research, lead mining, following up on leads, and rescheduling appointments.

Benefits of Outsourcing Appointment Setting

Outsourcing has been a buzzword in the business sector for many years. Many businesses primarily venture into outsourcing for the cost advantage it brings. Apart from this, other benefits of outsourcing include improved productivity and the option to start operations immediately. For the benefits of outsourcing appointment setting, check out the list below.

  • Gain expert appointment setters. While companies have the option to do appointment setting in-house, many of them opt to outsource to gain a competitive edge. BPO firms can guarantee results and improved efficiency of the sales process.
  • Transparency. Depending on the agreement with the client, BPO companies can send reports about the performance of outsourced agents. This enables businesses to easily track the productivity and efficiency of outsourced appointment setters.
  • Reduced operational costs. As mentioned, many businesses embrace outsourcing for its cost benefit. The total outsourcing payment already includes the establishment and maintenance of the necessary tools, utilities, and space that the outsourced appointment setter shall need.
  • No need to go through the hassles of recruitment. Outsourcing enables the option to start work operations immediately. BPO companies have the essential equipment and talent ready, removing the burden of recruiting and managing staff on businesses altogether.

Examples of Industries That Outsource Appointment Setting

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Recreation
  • Telecommunications
  • IT and Software
  • Insurance

When You Should Outsource Appointment Setting

Consider outsourcing appointment setting if you want the following for your business:

  • sufficient resources to support business expansion
  • expert appointment-setters
  • faster sales results
  • operational cost reduction
  • immediate implementation of operations 
  • instant recruitment, hiring, and training of employees
  • sales process improvement

Where You Should Outsource Appointment Setting

Like any other investment, outsourcing has risks. There’s a certain degree of control that a business surrenders when they outsource. Businesses should equip themselves with the knowledge about outsourcing to make informed decisions on which outsourcing location and vendor they should entrust their functions with. Sparing an ample amount of time to research about the top outsourcing locations and the top vendors in that location can go a long way in terms of business success.

In the process of looking for the top outsourcing destinations, the Philippines is surely hard to miss. The country has been a prime outsourcing destination for many years. It ranked seventh in the latest A.T. Kearney Global Services Index and third in the most recent Tholons Services Globalization Index. The Philippines is also the number one destination for inbound and outbound call center services including appointment setting. Apart from the cost advantage, it is for the following reasons that multiple companies worldwide prefer the Philippines over other countries.

  • Cultural compatibility. Many businesses choose the Philippines because of the country’s highly-westernized cultured. Filipinos can easily establish a connection with customers because of their rich western influences. 
  • A competent workforce. Annually, universities in the Philippines produce half a million employable degree-holders. The latest census also shows that the Filipinos have a literacy rate of 97.5%.
  • English fluency. Filipinos have been long recognized for its proficiency in speaking the English language. Besides their fluency, a majority of the Filipinos also have a neutral accent in speaking the language.

Anderson Group BPO

Albeit new in the industry, Anderson Group BPO has shown tremendous progress since it began operations in 2013. From having only a few employees at the beginning, the company now has hundreds of employees. It was also able to establish three offices in various central business districts in the Philippines.  

With its workforce living by the core values’ Collaborative, Adaptable, Passionate, Evolving, and Trustworthy, Anderson Group BPO was able to advance its clients to a higher level. Those that availed its appointment setting services was able to improve revenue by 30%. Currently, Anderson Group continues to embark on its mission to help more companies flourish.

How You Should Outsource Appointment Setting

  1. Scrutinize your business processes and identify their weak points.
  2. Research about outsourcing. Learn more about its benefits and the key players in the industry. The web contains multiple resources about outsourcing to supply you with the information you need.
  3. Choose an outsourcing vendor that you deem the fittest to help you reach your objectives. Look for its contact information and reach out.
  4. Expound on the business challenges you have identified once you’ve reached the vendor and got connected to the right person. The vendor will ask more questions to gain a better understanding of your business nature and your processes.

After the fourth step, the vendor will recommend outsourcing solutions to solve your business challenges. If you find them worthy and opt to avail their services, the next thing can be another discussion about your partnership.  It can also mean visiting the vendor for a more detailed discussion.

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