What Is Reservation Management?

Besides providing customer support, businesses like hotels and restaurants also utilize inbound call centers to handle reservations. This type of service is formally referred to as reservation management. Inbound call center agents that perform this service make sure that the reservation requirements of a customer are well-coordinated with the client. The service may also comprise addressing questions and processing requests such as change of schedule.

Why You Should Outsource Reservation Management

Organizations outsource reservation management for the following reasons: 

  • To ensure that all possibilities for a sale are covered.

Every customer is unique. Not all of them can call during your operating hours. If your organization is a hotel, some of your guests can be in a different timezone. Outsourcing gives you the option to have 24/7 reservation operations, enabling your customers to reach you at their most convenient time. 

  • To guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customers that call regarding a reservation are usually in a rush to get a response. They are eager to get an assurance about the availability of the specific requirements they have for a reservation. Employees assigned to the job need to handle them with a sense of urgency and priority. Organizations that need expertise in handling reservations resort to outsourcing. Offshore providers have a developed process that guarantees to attain customer satisfaction at the end of every call. 

  • To reduce operational expenses.

The payment package for a BPO service already covers the computer, workstation, and other utilities that the agent shall need. Businesses are able to save money that they may use to further improve other business areas. 

  • To increase the efficiency of customer support operations.

Aside from your inbound customers, you also have your walk-in customers that need the same assurance and fast service. If you are going to make your front desk associate or receptionist handle both, a delay in service is unavoidable. Both your inbound and walk-in customers can enjoy immediate attention through outsourcing.

Examples of Industries That Outsource Reservation Management

  • Hospitality (hotels, motels)
  • Food & Beverage (restaurants, bars)
  • Travel and Tourism (cruises, ships, planes)
  • Recreation (spas, salons, amusement parks)
  • Entertainment (movie houses, theaters, concerts)
  • Dental (dental clinics)
  • Medical (hospitals, clinics, centers)
  • Legal (law firms)

When You Should Outsource Reservation Management

Consider outsourcing reservation management if you experience the following in your business:

  • When you are experiencing high call volumes
  • When you are abandoning too many calls
  • When your customers are complaining about the long time they have to wait on the phone
  • When your business is trying to lower down operational costs
  • When your business is expanding

Where You Can Outsource Reservation Management

To get the best value for your money, you need to consider the following factors about the location of your outsourcing vendor:

  • Cost of living
  • Culture
  • Proficiency in speaking English

These are the common factors that businesses look into in choosing the location to offshore reservation management and other business functions. Usually, the top outsourcing locations looked into are Philippines and India. The former is the top pick for voice-related BPO services primarily because Filipinos are highly-proficient in speaking the English language. They can also build rapport easily because they are rich with western influences.

How You Should Outsource Reservation Management

  • Identify.

First, you have to identify the problem, challenge or need in your business that you want to address. In choosing to outsource reservation management, possible challenges you may have encountered are large call volumes resulting in too many abandoned calls.

  • Explore.

After identifying the problem, it’s now time to explore possible solutions. You can ask your business confidants or do your research online about outsourcing and prime outsourcing vendors. 

  • Reach out.

Once you have identified which outsourcing vendor you’d like to consult your problem with, it’s time to reach out. Calling them via phone is the best way if you want immediate answers. 

  • Discuss.

During the conversation, share the problem, challenge, or need that you have identified in step number one. The vendor will then ask more about your processes to come up with targeted solutions. 

These are the steps you should take once you have decided to outsource reservation management.

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