How to Retain Control in Outsourcing

Reach your desired business objectives. Outsource to the right vendor.

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Outsourcing has grown to be a popular business practice over the years. Many businesses venture into outsourcing because of its positive implication on cost, productivity, and flexibility. But while outsourcing has benefits, it also has risks. These cause possible investors to pause and re-assess whether outsourcing is truly the best way to go. One of these risks is the loss of visibility and control. 

In a general sense, having control is empowering. It allows you to maneuver a situation according to your desires. In outsourcing, however, business owners surrender control of outsourced operations to BPO providers. While business owners venture into outsourcing to gain expertise in doing the function, some still worry about whether the vendor can meet their desired results. To ease this, we have gathered a few tips on how businesses can ensure that their virtual team can meet their objectives. Check out the list below.

  • Choose the right outsourcing vendor. To minimize not only the risk of losing control but all the other risks of outsourcing, choose the right vendor to partner with. This is the ultimate key. Before investing in outsourcing, invest your time in learning the top outsourcing locations and vendors worldwide. Delve deep into what outsourcing solution is a country/vendor best known for. Outsourcing is more than just a way to reduce costs. Its benefits can be astonishing if you partner with the right BPO company.
  • Have an internal manager supervise operations. In outsourcing offshore, some businesses send an internal manager to supervise external operations. Business owners utilize the internal manager as his eyes and ears. While internal managers can suggest improvements, they can’t simply alter anything with the operations because it is the BPO firm who remains liable for the results. But if the change is worthy to implement, a discussion between the vendor and the client can take place.
  • Conduct call calibration sessions. In outsourcing inbound or outbound call center services, call calibration sessions can ensure that you and the vendor have a mutual understanding about what makes a good call. One great way to do this is to have a QA from your side and a QA from the vendor’s side assess a call.
  • Ask the BPO provider to send reports. If you want to track the productivity and efficiency of outsourced agents, you can ask the provider to send reports. This gives you the opportunity to make necessary discussions with the vendor if agents are not meeting your goals.
  • Have an online portal to track real-time activities. An alternative to reports can be an online portal. This allows you to see the real-time activities of your outsourced agents at any time you want.

True enough, there are risks that accompany any form of investment. In outsourcing, the best way to mitigate these risks is to choose the right vendor to entrust your operations with. This sets your outsourcing investment on the right path. 

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