Top 3 Tasks E-Commerce Businesses Should Outsource

Give an optimal shopping experience. Outsource these e-commerce contact center support functions today.

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With all the avenues for pleasure and convenience that technology offers, more and more people are going online. In a 2018 report from Hootsuite, it was revealed that half of the world’s population are using the Internet. Many retail business owners leveraged this opportunity and began creating a website equivalent of their brick-and-mortar shops. Some entrepreneurs, on the other hand, solely focused on e-commerce.

Albeit customers enjoy the ease of shopping in e-commerce sites, there are inevitable cases that they need further assistance. When there’s something ambiguous about a product’s information or if they need an advice, there still arises a need to talk to a human being as a resolve. To be able to fulfill this, many e-commerce businesses have resorted to implementing e-commerce contact center operations. Online buyers both want convenience and immediate attention, which makes these functions a must for online shops. 

While some companies opt to build their own e-commerce contact center operations, others choose to outsource. The top functions that these companies outsource are:

  1. Sales support. No matter how informative an e-commerce site is, there are just questions about products/services that only talking to a fellow human being can suffice. Sales support through phone or chat enables businesses to support customers throughout their buying journey. With someone readily available to answer questions, customers are able to get the products/services they truly want. It also enables a business to leverage all possibilities to cross-sell and up-sell right products/services. When customers need assistance with filling order forms, sales support also comes as a great way to help complete the buying process.
  2. Customer service. Besides the assistance to make the right purchase decision, customers also have other concerns such as general inquiries, complaints, and product returns. Outsourcing phone or chat customer service helps an e-commerce have a seamless process to address these matters competently. The mature process that BPO companies follow helps businesses improve customer satisfaction.
  3. Order taking. While e-commerce sites have forms for orders, there are just customers who still prefer placing an order via phone. Some customers just feel more assured that their orders are taken and processed when a person on the other end confirms it. There are also inevitable scenarios when a site fails to load due to slow internet speed. With the availability of this option, retail owners give customers another means to meet their goals amidst unforeseen events.

These are just some of the functions that e-commerce businesses commonly outsource. At a cost-competitive price, businesses that outsource e-commerce contact center support are able to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Business owners are also able to focus on other areas of the business that can help them yield more income.

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