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When running a business, startups and SMEs need all the help they can get. For companies overseas, help sometimes comes through outsourcing non-core business functions to BPO firms. With the Philippines as one of the top BPO destinations in the world, companies are assured of quality performance while cutting costs.

Key business functions commonly outsourced to the Philippines.

Data Entry

No business can operate without data. Employee profiles, client databases, records of transactions, business service offerings, shipping documents, account payable and receivables, and inventory — all of these and more are crucial information for day-to-day business operations.

An outsourced team can take care of this information for you. The country’s competitive BPO industry ensures that providers maintain world-standard ISO-27001 Information Security Compliance for their operations. Advanced laws and ordinances were also passed by the government to ensure data security in handling and processing data. Each project is executed with utmost confidentiality.

Inbound/Outbound Customer Service

The customers are at the heart of each business venture. As such, open channels for communication is imperative for any modern enterprise. For expanding startups and SMEs, having a call center that meets this demand will require additional expenses on facilities, equipment, and a dedicated team specifically trained for inbound and outbound customer support. Considering the weight of these investments on a non-core business function, the more cost-effective solution would be outsourcing the call center operations.

Filipinos are widely recognized for providing topnotch quality of customer support and experience, no matter where the client may be located in the world. The Filipinos’ strong command of the English language gives them a competitive advantage. Their naturally warm and friendly cultural characteristics enables them to connect with customers almost instantaneously.

Information Technology

The Philippines IT-BPM industry is rapidly leading the growth of the country’s I.T. infrastructure, systems, and education. Its talent pool in customer support is stellar as well. This large labor market of experienced IT professionals and customer service representatives, among others, make Filipinos one of the most diverse group of employees globally.

Payroll and Accounting

Certain aspects of business require different types of experiences. For start-ups and small to medium sized businesses to accommodate this requirement, investing in advanced payroll and accounting software is too risky. However, as one of the leading providers of finance and employee management solutions in the UK, Anderson Group offers its business solutions expertise at a friendly price readily available for you.

With over a hundred team of accountants and finance professionals in four different locations across the globe, Anderson Group delivers fast, accurate, and effective services to businesses of all sizes globally.

Outsourcing is a great way to alleviate the costs of running a business while maintaining quality customer service.

Anderson Group BPO, Inc. has the skills, experience, infrastructure, and technology to help you. For your outsourcing needs, feel free to contact us today.