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The cost of running a business in a private office is rising. With this, entrepreneurs and startup founders are discovering shared office spaces. It is a new way to cope with a company’s needs for a professional work area. After all, its goal is to provide a work-conducive environment for everyone. Furthermore, shared office spaces also deliver other perks for businesses of all sizes.

To understand why shared office spaces are a great boost to your business. Read on below:

  1. Professional Identity

This is the age of modern professionals in motion; everyone is always on the go. With a lot of entrepreneurs and founders starting up with just a small team, operating from home is a popular choice. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. After all, tech-giant Google was built in a rented garage. But the business industry is always changing and nowadays, the preference for professional working spaces are back.

No matter how nice your apartment is or how much your team members and clients don’t mind meeting in coffee shops, nothing still beats an actual office environment. Thus, it is advantageous to maintain your business’ professional image through shared office spaces for a better first impression.

  1. Fully Equipped Office Spaces

One of the drawbacks of working from home or in a coffee shop is the lack of proper office facilities and equipment. This is what exactly shared office spaces offer—a fully furnished work area where you can simply bring in your laptop, plug it in, and start working on your latest project. Of course, included in the facilities of shared office spaces in Ortigas are boardroom and conference rooms, office furniture including tables and chairs, and a well-stocked pantry that oftentimes offer free-flowing water, coffee, and tea.

In addition, the inclusive technology available in shared office spaces in Ortigas is a great deal as well. No need to worry about having to pay for drinks just so you can use limited internet connectivity or sharing a café’s bandwidth with the rest of its customers. Shared office spaces in Ortigas have resilient fiber optic internet that is perfect for business transactions worldwide.

  1. Prime Location

As mentioned, the shared office spaces in Ortigas offer an irresistible selling point—premium location for all. This accessibility is unbeatable and provides convenience for each member of the team. Ortigas Center is a relaxing oasis set in the heart of Metro Manila, within close proximity to the major Philippine cities of the north, east, west, and even south.

  1. Dynamic Professional Environment

Wondering about the biggest advantage of shared office spaces? Networking! Not just the inclusive network and internet connectivity, but the actual network of professionals you can meet. A room full of professionals, each with their own expertise is something that any entrepreneur should take advantage of. On a regular basis, people from all sorts of fields like marketing, advertising, events, design, web development, accounting, software engineering, and information technology come together in shared office spaces in Ortigas.

This work-conducive environment provides an avenue for professionals to gather together, share a culture of collaboration, and share knowledge, also while sharing cost in the process as well.

Fortunately, Filipino entrepreneurs and startups can easily avail of shared office spaces in the Ortigas Central Business District. Personally visit the shared office spaces of Anderson Group BPO, Inc. Feel free to contact us today.