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You might be thinking, “is it time to get a virtual assistant of my own?”. If you are a director of a startup company, you surely don’t have all the time in the world. Your company is growing, clients and partners are setting appointments with you left and right. There is just too much on your plate and 24 hours is a day is starting to seem insufficient for your expanding business.

Benefits of a virtual assistant

Imagine having your own personal assistant doing all tasks from a different location. They serve as your extra hand as you do the more important stuff and focus on the core of your business. Virtual assistants nowadays are not only doing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and checking your emails for you.

Getting expert help

The virtual assistant industry is growing larger now than ever. With this, a smorgasbord of fields has surfaced ranging from marketing, human resources, and even bookkeeping. You can hire your own assistant who is focused on doing specific tasks. This will result in a more accurate and flawless output while you get to focus on the more important stuff.

Focus on the Core of Your Business

Your growing business needs your attention now more than ever. You always need to be strategizing your next move in order to stay competitive. As a business competing in the market, you should not be wasting your time in the smallest tasks. Although less important, these mundane and repetitive tasks usually take most of your day. Hiring your on virtual assistant will let you focus more on what you need to do and still have more time for other things while completing all the necessary tasks you need to accomplish.

Access to inexpensive workforce

Compared to having an in-house assistant, virtual assistants work remotely. This means you can offshore your tasks to countries with the cheaper labor force. As of today, Philippines has been rated as one of the most preferred outsourcing hubs because of its low-cost manpower. There are many BPO provider companies in the country offering multiple tasks which you can outsource your tasks to.

When you hire a virtual assistant, you can assign them to whatever task you might need help on. Hiring VAs are especially useful when you think you are not yet ready to hire your full team. But how do you work with a Virtual Assistant?

First things first.

Now that you are aware of the importance of virtual assistants to grow your small business, let us identify the tasks you can outsource. There are 3 things you need to pinpoint.

  1. Tasks which you hate doing
  2. Things you can’t do by yourself
  3. Stuff you shouldn’t be doing

If you still have no idea, we’ve listed some

General Virtual Assistance

  • Checking email, responding to inquiries and managing spam messages
  • Creating invoices
  • Customer inquiries
  • Answering calls and messages
  • Leaving voicemails
  • Database building, entry, and updates (sales, contacts CRM, etc)
  • Paying bills
  • Fund transfer
  • Creating reports on sales and deliverables
  • Chat support
  • Creating and sending greeting cards, newsletters, and invitations
  • Converting, splitting and merging PDF files.
  • Creating training manuals for new employees
  • Converting drafts to documents
  • Composing and sending out surveys for customers
  • Proofreading documents and other collaterals

Marketing tasks

  • Email Marketing
    • Create and set-up automatic responses and thank you emails
    • Edit, create and send newsletters with useful and promotional content
    • Create opt-in forms, etc.
  • Content Marketing
    • Researching for new resources
    • Creating new blog topics
    • Writing blogs, write-ups, newsletters, etc.
    • Researching sites for guest blogging purposes
    • Finding relevant images and videos
    • Formulating case studies
  • SEO
    • Website analysis
    • Keyword research
    • Off page and on page optimization
    • Creating and sending performance reports
    • Link building
    • Competitor analysis
  • Social Media
    • Finding and posting relevant content for social media channels
    • Engaging with the social media community
    • Responding to comments and messages
    • Researching on the latest social media strategies
    • Scheduling of posts using tools
    • Monitoring and management


  • Taking down notes of minutes during meetings
  • Creating detailed documents from minutes
  • Transcription tasks (phone conversations, training videos, audios, podcasts, recording of meetings)
  • Phone interview of applicants
  • Research on latest statistics and data
  • Purchasing office items from suppliers
  • Researching venues and arranging locations for office events
  • Booking flights and hotels
  • Creating itineraries for business trips
  • Dealing with CSRs from banks, tech support, etc.

Where can I get my own Virtual Assistant?

If you’re looking for adept and resourceful virtual assistants, you should be able to partner with freelancers or companies who have high standards. Hiring virtual assistants from companies make sure that the employees assigned to you undergo proper training and have all the resources needed to support you and your business.

Here at Anderson Group, we not only provide you with virtual assistance, we also provide services that will enable your business to stay competitive and maintain a sustainable growth. We offer contact center services as well as back-office solutions specifically made for your business.

Interested in expanding your business? Talk to us today!