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All businesses aim for growth. For most startup founders, growth can only be faster when there are more people working together. But one can only have so much time and resources. This is why business process outsourcing has become a popular alternative for startups. With the administrative business functions outsourced to a trusted BPO firm, startup founders can focus more on developing their products, building their connections, and improving customer experience.

Fortunately, there are lots of choices when it comes to the best BPO companies in the Philippines. There’s also a wide array of services that startup founders can and should outsource to the best BPO companies. Here are the five business functions that startups should outsource.

  1. Recruitment

A successful business venture means more clients. This would also lead to additional work and require more people in the team. A fledgling startup with less than 10 members can immediately balloon in a team of 50 people or so. To skip the tedious and time-consuming process of hiring and recruiting new personnel, startups can simply outsource their recruitment efforts.

The best BPO companies are fully capable of finding the most suitable person for your team—and it’s not just about professional competency. Other factors are also considered including the alignment of an applicant’s attitude with the company’s culture, values, and goals.

  1. Payroll

Similar to recruitment but more tasking and time-consuming, dealing with payroll is more than just ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time. Payroll also involves crunching numbers, managing financial ledgers, and overseeing a payroll system that all needs to be done regularly. However, all this time on payroll could be allotted to focusing on your business operations and finding ways to continuously improve products and services. As such, it is fast becoming a popular BPO service to be outsourced by businesses small and large.

  1. System Operations

Having reliable system operations is what keeps modern businesses running. With smoother operations, your team will be able to maximize its productivity, work turnaround time will be faster, and your business can enjoy an increase in revenue. For startup companies, it can be quite expensive to hire a dedicated team for regular maintenance checks and system updates. The great thing is that BPO companies are fully equipped to do these services remotely. Should physical support be necessary, they can easily send in their people to your office or referral partners within your location.

  1. IT Infrastructure

In this technology-driven world, having a business is synonymous to being connected 24/7, something that might cost too much for new startup founders. Along with establishing and maintaining your business’ I.T. network and infrastructure, maintaining it requires skill and resources as well. That’s more people to hire and more equipment to purchase, which leads to more overhead expenses for startups. With outsourced IT services, the best BPO companies are able to provide you with the latest IT system and networks, infrastructure, maintenance, as well as a 24/7 helpdesk support—all at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Customer Support

As we all know, the heart of every business is the customer. Whether you need a full-time customer service team or non-voice services such as email or chat support, the best BPO companies like Anderson Group BPO, Inc. can help you with their flexible contracts and customized services.  Having a dedicated customer support team for your business is necessary. You are not only helping your customers with product concerns, but you are also promoting your brand as a reliable and professional service provider.

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