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The demand for flexibility is increasing in the modern workplace. The virtual office advantages make it a popular choice for business owners and employees alike. These were the days when a business can only operate within the vicinity. Consequently, this led to higher expenses for communication and logistics. This is all behind us now. That’s all behind us now.

These days, business owners can have their headquarters in their city with a back office support team in another country. Some business owners even offshore their entire team and still operate well. How do they do it? Through a virtual office!

Virtual Office Advantages

True to its name, a virtual office is a technology-based office. Employees can work together in this environment, without needing to actually meet each other in the physical world. Employees of a virtual office collaborate remotely over the internet, communicating regularly through computers with voice and video call capabilities.

Sounds great, right? It doesn’t stop there. A virtual office has lots of advantages for any business. Read about them below!

  1. Global Connectivity

When it comes to virtual office, it’s all about technology and how to use it for your business’ advantage. Thus, by operating remotely, you can source the best talent internationally in order to build the perfect team for your business. Imagine all the best talent in the world sharing your company’s vision and working together to achieve it. The greater news is a virtual office is technology-driven, making it much more cost-efficient.

  1. 24/7 Availability

Contrary to physical offices with actual business hours (and overhead expenses), a virtual office has the capability to operate 24/7. All you need is a virtual office and a resilient internet connection with optimum stability. No more negotiations with building administrators, no additional fees on top of your monthly rental rates. Additionally, with a ‘round the clock staff, your business can be open any time of the day, any day of the week. Now that’s something that will surely increase your business sales.

  1. Convenience for All

We mentioned above that the virtual office is something that is preferable both for business owners and employees alike. For business owners, it is mostly because a virtual office is cost-efficient and it provides more flexibility for the business. On the other hand, quite a number of employees enjoy working remotely as well since it gives them more freedom. Operating in a virtual office also saves everyone’s time and energy, by eliminating the time everyone spends on the road while commuting to work. Whether it’s just a half an hour drive or a grueling two-hour commute to the office, all these can be eliminated.

  1. Increased Productivity

When people are comfortable and happy, they tend to be more productive. These are exactly what a virtual office provides for everyone. Business owners have the prerogative of allowing their employees to work from home (traditional virtual office) or to have them report in a rented office space acquired through seat leasing (modified virtual office).

Through seat leasing, business owners are provided with seats dedicated to their staff, along with the necessary workstation setup and internet connectivity. Although there is a physical office, you still get to manage your staff, they still report directly you, and real-time communication is enabled. The only difference is that this modified modern virtual office has an actual physical space for your offshore staff. This is great for business owners who are more comfortable knowing that their remote team still operates in a professional environment, rather than in their pajamas at home.

  1. Flexible Business Solution

Along with the seat leasing option for a modern virtual office, outsourcing companies like Anderson Group BPO, Inc. also offer conference rooms for rent. This is great for businesses operating remotely, who would like to hold team or client meetings in person. Oftentimes, these conference rooms are set in modern buildings easily accessible for everyone. For a business with a virtual office, it’s also necessary to have a physical space for meetups, once in a while.

Interested in having your very own virtual office to save costs and improve your overall business operations? Contact us today to see how we can help.