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Everything starts off somewhere. Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs) often begin with a small team of people in a little office somewhere in the city. Driven with the vision and the passion to turn their ideas into a reality, SMBs often survive on limited resources. Its business decisions mostly make do with whatever is feasible at the moment.

Small and midsize business owners face the challenge of having sufficient funds for expansion. Fortunately, there are available options like outsourcing to help them streamline processes and increase their efficiency. The great thing about business process outsourcing solutions is its flexibility. Depending on how little or how much support a business needs, each business service is specifically designed for each client.

Below are some of the services that SMBs can outsource to help their business expansion plans.

  1. I.T. Infrastructure and Support

Building and maintaining an I.T. system is not just expensive, it also requires technical skills. Although small businesses often only require an internet connection, this is just at the initial phase of business development. Overtime, a business would need a more sophisticated network and advanced programs to handle more services and clients.

An affordable I.T. service provider assures SMB partners that their equipment and connectivity are reliable and stable. Furthermore, business I.T. outsourcing teams can also handle their other tasks such as installations and configurations of new networks and equipment. The BPO team may also implement recommendations on service support and requirements, integrating up-to-date plug-and-play solutions to move their client’s business forward.

Additional outsourcing benefits for SMB owners also cover hardware and software assistance, training and management, computer networking and maintenance, network and information security, and data backup and storage.

To get the best support for your business, it’s best to invest in an outsourced I.T. service ready to assist you 24/7. As long as the team is backed with years of experience and expertise in the industry, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Customer Service and Support

Communication between the brand and customers is crucial for business continuity. These cover product promotions and answering customer inquiries — yes, even dealing with transactions in order requests or complaints. Opening lines of communication is invaluable for lasting brand relationships.

Having an in-house customer service team is expensive however. It requires hiring and training an entire team complete with a supervisor and a quality assurance analyst. In addition to manpower, overhead expenses for equipment and office space needs to support the service. An outsourced customer service and support team from a trusted BPO provider is a more affordable way for SMBs to connect with customers. They could provide round-the-clock support, maximizing each opportunity to turn interested customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

  1. Accounting and Payroll

For any business, running accounting and payroll tasks are definitely taxing. Not only does it require a special skill-set to be done properly, it also needs updated software tools to ensure it is accurately and efficiently done. By outsourcing the company’s accounting and payroll functions, SMBs can focus more on their products, services, and general operations. This more focused approach to business coupled with a partnership to one of the best BPO companies can speed up growth and expansion for small to mid-size businesses.

Instead of spending hours crunching numbers, invest in a trusted outsourcing firm. Ensure that your chosen outsourcing company has the right team, the right tools, and the right knowledge necessary for your business task and you can set all your numerical worries aside.

  1. Website Design and Development

The current business industry relies heavily on the internet to advertise, engage, and transact with a global market scope. Going online now plays a major role in the marketplace as it replaces physical shops. This is why having a website is now more essential than a storefront for any business industry, especially for SMBs needing exposure.

For SMBs, the cost of hiring a website designer and developer from a creative agency might take a huge chunk off the capital. With outsourcing, you can choose certain services to be done remotely for you. This new approach will not just give you access to a larger pool of professionals, it also gives you the beautiful, functional website you want at an affordable price.

  1. Social Media Management

Similar to outsourced teams for customer service and support, the social media and community management service is also becoming a regular part of running a modern business. The bulk of the customer base is on social media 24/7 and they are just waiting to be tapped. The great thing about social media is that it can be done on a minimal budget. What ultimately matters to this service is its engagement with the customers and the relationship it builds.

For big marketing campaigns, outsourcing social media projects to a marketing firm is a smart decision as well. With your chosen package, you can already have an active social media presence for your brand, a community manager for your social networking sites, and marketing design materials for your brand. This spares you from paying the full costs of investing in an entire team with equipment.

Interested in outsourcing some of your business functions? Contact us to see how we can help!