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There is no denying the advantage of having a mobile app for your travel business. Apps just make the whole travel process smoother. Yet, the experience in using mobile apps themselves can be further enhanced with certain features. Are you ready to take your app’s functionality to the next level? Here are six features designed to take your app from good to great.

Social Media Binding

Personalization is the name of the game this year and what better way to make your apps feel more personal to your users than binding it to their social media accounts? Implementing a social media login like what TripIt does will greatly speed up registration time and make information retention much more efficient.

It has the added benefit of providing you an insight into your customer’s profile as well. This will help you make personalized offers, providing a customized experience. Travelers generally like to share their experiences on social media too. With their accounts linked to their social profiles, this can serve as a free promotion for your travel app.

Trip Reviews

Providing information about nearby landmarks and attractions is one thing but reading the testimonials from other visitors is what many travelers would rather believe. Adding a review feature raises awareness and provides users with a venue to share their experiences. This creates a dedicated community of interactive users in your travel app. In fact, TripAdvisor, one of the largest travel websites on the internet, flourished because of this system.

Translation Feature

Knowing the local language and dialect will greatly help in navigating a location. Adding a translation feature can greatly help tourists find their way around an itinerary. Aside from ease of navigation and accommodation, it also builds rapport with the local community. This is a very useful feature for travelers to have.

Geolocation Tracking

Stepping in unfamiliar territory can be very nerve-wracking. This is where location tracking comes in handy. It drives up the overall cost of app development but it sure makes things a lot more convenient for travelers. Whether it is looking for hotel directions, restaurant directions or even figuring out where the closest loo is, having this feature will make your app a bigger hit among travelers.

Booking Service

A lot of the ranking travel apps have a built-in booking service and for a good reason. No need for long, chaotic queues at the venue to avail of a tour service—all of that hassle can be streamlined with just the swipe of an app. In addition to just booking any flight that’s out there, apps with a booking service help find good and affordable deals for your customers too.

Offline Access

Nearly everything is connected nowadays but, what if you found yourself somewhere a little more off-road than usual without reception? Missing a turn here can be dangerous at worst as you could end up lost with no means to find your way out. Well, there’s no cause for concern if your navigation app can also work offline.

Apps like Google Maps and Here WeGo allow for offline use so you can check for directions anytime even without access to the internet. It can be synced with Wi-Fi in advance and can be accessed offline for a hassle-free travel experience. Just keep in mind the storage space needed to archive all that map data.

A travel app is a very convenient gadget in a traveler’s pocket. With people roaming around the world 24/7, there really is no time to sleep for businesses. Dedicated support to handle inquiries pouring in from different time zones can really win these travelers over with excellent customer service. We can provide just that. Give us a call now and find out how.