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Your travel business is ready. You have a great website, an intuitive mobile app, and bargain tours or services in place. Now, all you need is good traffic to get your site off the ground. This is where travel directories come in handy.

Acting as the ‘yellow pages’ of the Internet, you can find all sorts of business listings in these directories. Whether offering a complimentary meal for every booking,‘off-the-beaten-path’ tours or selling unique souvenir items online, you can utilize business directories to establish a great web presence. To help you get started on your listings, here are seven popular directories to list your business in.

Google My Business

Google might be the most popular search engine in the world, but Google My Business page is something that some business owners often miss. It’s an easy-to-use marketing platform for businesses and organizations. With a posting feature for promotions, a messaging system, and its increased visibility in the most popular search engine, this is a directory that can definitely drive traffic to your travel website.

Cost: Free

Bing Places for Business

Along with Google, you can further maximize your online presence with Bing. Microsoft’s Bing still holds a substantial number of online searches with the potential of driving more traffic to your website. Bing Places for Business features an easy-to-use mobile search that automatically associates categories to your listing. Users may also modify search filters depending on their preferences. With lower competition, you can easily double the chance of your business ranking on top of its search engine results pages.

Cost: Free


With an average of 142 million users visiting each month, Yelp is another formidable directory to list your business in. A business user account on Yelp can interact with customers who leave ratings and reviews through public or private comment. From there, business owners can pay for Yelp Ads to reach new customers. Businesses who post Yelp Ads reported an average of 23,000 USD of revenue annually.

Cost: Free, Yelp Ads are Paid


TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel websites on the internet. Millions visit the site daily in order to look up information and recommendations. As such, registering in this directory is a must for travel businesses. Customers may also list businesses they have recently visited. In that case, all that is left to do is to claim the listing.

Cost: Free but there are options for paid premium features like instant bookings and sponsored placements.


An online travel agency initially launched on October 22, 1996, Expedia has risen in prominence as a travel website. It allows travelers to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages and more, with around 75 million monthly visitors. With this in mind, this is another great directory to list your travel business in. Expedia will also market businesses partnered with it to over 200 other travel booking sites like and Egencia.

Cost: Free


Manta is generally geared for small businesses, especially for those without their own websites yet.  Same as TripAdvisor, a customer may have created a listing for your business in Manta’s directory. It also allows you to claim the business in such cases. Over 3 million small businesses are registered on the site and it is popular for people looking for specific goods and services within their locale.

Cost: Free with an option to update to a paid listing

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the biggest travel guide publisher online. Listing a business on this platform is easy, however, Lonely Planet does not guarantee it will be published. Lonely Planet sends out a dedicated team of writers and reviewers to evaluate a listed business. It is up to the discretion of this team whether or not a particular business will be included in their roster. If Lonely Planet chooses to list your business, expect a significant increase in traffic as the business will be visible both online and offline through Lonely Planet’s printed publications.

Cost: Free

Basking in the Glory of Classified Ads

There is no concrete “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to choosing specific directories to list your business in. Listing on multiple online directories is a recommended tactic in order to take advantage of the increased visibility. It all depends on what part of the travel market you will be targeting.

Posting in these classified ads will definitely get you to where you want to be. Large volumes of inquiries about your business are sure to come. Answering all questions promptly and adequately will maintain a great reputation. Providing customers a seamless and positive purchasing or booking experience will help entice them to return.

Keep your customers happy with 24/7 online support and a and efficient back office solutions. Our team specializes in providing premium customer experience wherever they may be in the world. Call us today and let’s talk about your business.