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Starting a travel business can be a little hit-or-miss at the start. It is a fiercely competitive market and there is a great deal of work involved in the entire process. A business plan is essential in order to make it successful as well as the right amount of support in arranging everything. Fortunately, these productivity apps can be a great help for your travel business.


Creating a business plan is very essential in establishing a successful travel business. This is regardless of whether you decide to start using your own savings or using loans from investors. There are a lot of details involved in the pitch like market segments and goals. LivePlan simplifies much of this planning for you. From starting your pitch to drafting your business plan and even making financial forecasts, LivePlan has the basics covered. It works on desktop and mobile and even features an intuitive tutorial in order to quickly get you started.


An all-around app for your travel needs; TripIt consolidates your travel plans in a single itinerary, checks departure times or if there are any delays, find alternate flights, handle refunds, provide airport directions and even weather reports. This app generally helps you have a more organized plan on your business trips so you can spend your energy on more important things.

So not only does it help those managing a travel business; it helps travelers in general.


Quickbooks makes it on the list because of its easy ‘plug-in’-and-go nature. It’s not hard to create your own accounting system even with a basic account and its mobile platform allows you to manage finances from anywhere. It can sync with many accounts like bank accounts, credit cards, and Paypal. Quickbooks can also be used to manage payroll and compute your tax deductions.


Going around the world or even just the country to expand your business network will allow you to meet many other professionals in your field. People often exchange business cards with each other especially in conferences but sometimes these cards get lost. A lost business card could mean a lost business prospect so save up the important details using Camcard. Camcard lets you take a picture of the business card and it will automatically upload the contact information in your contacts list. This app also allows you to go fully electronic. Paperless is the way to go this 2019.

Rescue Time

Ever find your focus slipping away whenever you’re in the middle of something important like drafting your business plan? Wondering how much time you spend scanning emails? RescueTime allows you to track the time you spend on specific applications. It runs smoothly in the background and provides you alerts when you’ve spent a specific amount of time on any activity. It is very handy for those who love to juggle so many things at once in a single workday, hampering productivity.


Mobile payment has changed the way purchases are made all over the globe. Its enhanced security reduces the risks associated with carrying wads of cash around. It also makes it easier to pay even when traveling to a different country. To that end, Paypal is obviously making it into this list. With a lot of platforms supporting it, Paypal is a convenient payment method you can use to make international purchases. Their addition of Paypal Here allows businesses to attach its card reader so that it can be used as a portable register. It is very handy for those that need to get paid on the go.


There is a reason why Skype remains the most used platform for instant communication. Its mobile app makes it easy to schedule and attend conference calls, allowing you to keep in touch with your employees or business partners. Its instant messaging feature also allows for collaboration on work documents as well.

Using Skype helps cut down the cost of business calls, even with prospects and partners from other countries. Likewise, communicating through Skype helps customers save money too. It’s very useful especially for small and medium-sized travel businesses without a lot of capital to spend on overhead.

These apps are designed to increase work efficiency by reducing the time spent on reducing basic tasks. For mid to high-level processes requiring a more specialized set of skills, bringing in a strong back office support and contact center will be essential for better customer experience. As with the apps above, outsourcing these processes takes the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to concentrate on innovating for your business.

We understand how busy you are and doing menial tasks should not be one of your problems. Talk to us today and see how we can help you expand your business.