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Summer is finally here and for everyone’s much deserved break, Anderson Group BPO, Inc. heads to Camayan Beach for a weekend of fun, sun, and sand.


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Few hours away from Manila, the Anderson team finally arrives at the venue and prepares for day’s activities. In the spirit of fun competition, the teams Blue, Green, and Red battles it out for the winning prize.

set 1 - bus ride (4) set 1 - bus ride (2) set 1 - bus ride (1)

Organized by the Camayan Beach staff, the Team Building activities include a fun-filled obstacle course, a challenging “pass-the-rope” game, and an exciting kayak race, with the Green Team emerging as the champion.

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But the fun doesn’t end here. Upon sun down, the Anderson Team held its awarding ceremony, complete with an awesome stage, fancy lights, and a perfect dinner set up. Some of the awards given are Top QA, Top Agent, Top Team, Top IT, and the Loyalty and Perfect Attendance Awards. The Awarding Ceremony is then capped off with a Videoke Challenge, with the male members of the Anderson Team making the most of the stage!

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But before closing the official program and moving on to more videoke, good food, good drinks, and fun company, the Anderson Team makes its final surprise—a happy birthday to our country manager, Miss Grace!

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The next day, everyone is greeted to another round of buffet breakfast and some quality time by the beach. Before heading home, the Anderson Team makes a quick stop at Subic’s Puregold Duty Free for lunch and some goodies.

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