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Already recognized as the global leading provider of voice services, the Philippines looks forward to replicating their success. They are looking into other sectors of the BPO Industry to dominate.  In a survey done in 2012, 97% of the BPO providers in the country see themselves as achieving more growth in the years to come.

projected growth BPO companies

The local BPO industry projects a bigger share for non-voice services in the overall BPO market. Industry-specific services have the most market opportunity among the non-voice services.

BPO projected growth

Projected growth of non-voice sectors

Non-voice services have a lot of sub sectors. With so many different fields, what are the specific areas the Philippines is looking to grow?

BPO Sectors to Conquer for the Philippines:

In the latest Roadmap 2022, the IBPAP highlights 5 sectors that have the highest growth potential. Let’s take a closer look at these sectors:

Sectoral roadmap 2022

Sectoral Roadmap

Contact Center & BPO

The country looks to continue its domination on voice services. Even after rapid growth in the recent years, there is still room for improvement in the contact center and BPO sectors.

Global In-house Center (GIC)

With hectares of property ready to be developed, businesses are looking to directly invest on infrastructures in the Philippines to fuel their global expansion. Premiere business centers will soon become available outside Metro Manila, and with hundreds and thousands of qualified graduates ready to be trained, GIC’s might just become as big as the call center sector.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) 

As various threats like A.I. automation and political policies are anticipated to make a negative impact on the local BPO industry, IBPAP and the government move towards penetrating higher value services in the KPO sector. Services in the KPO sector require more expertise. This brought about the numerous talent development programs created by both the public and private sector. These efforts secure a significant share of the rapidly growing KPO market.

Here are the industry-specific KPO sub sectors the country is looking to dominate:

Health Information Management 

A huge surplus of nursing graduates are fighting the tight competition for job opportunities. The local BPO industry is looking into training these graduates to fill in related jobs like medical transcription. Providing employment for workers of another industry while adding to the growth of local BPO industry may well be one of the reasons why this is one of the fastest growing BPO sub-sectors.

Animation and Game Development 

Another KPO sub-sector that show promise is the Animation and Gaming industry. Major figures, like Senator Bam Aquino, are already supporting the development of this sector.

The Philippines is all-in in becoming a global leader in BPO sectors not limited to call centers. With a solid and stable support framework consisting of the government and various private sector parties, coupled with comprehensive plans, it won’t be a surprise if the Philippines emerges as a leader in other sectors beyond call centers.

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