6 Blogging Tips That Will Help Startups Generate More Leads

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In one of our most recent blogs, we have mentioned the forms of outbound marketing that will help you generate more leads. Today, we will focus on one form of inbound marketing that serves as an awesome lead generation tool–blogs.

If you think about it, it is rare for your prospects to come visit your website unless it’s an e-commerce website. But by including blogs, you give people a reason to go to your website. Though this doesn’t guarantee an immediate sale, it increases your prospects’ brand recall and awareness so if they need your service or if someone they know needs it, your company will be at the top of their mind to recommend.

However, blogging costs time, which is the most valuable for you and your employees considering that you are just starting your business. A solution is to definitely hire a writer, but if it’s too costly, you can always outsource elsewhere where you can guarantee the quality and quantity of the blogs you need at a much lesser price. Just to give you an idea, here are the things that you or your bloggers should do if you want to increase your sales:

  1. Create targeted content. In this world of saturated content, there’s a need for you to be very specific in the content you will serve to your audience. In this way, people can differentiate you from your competitors. Digital Marketing Expert Neil Patel even said that being predictable with the content of your blogs is good. He furthered that this is why McDonald’s is a hit because consumers know what to expect with the food and service every time they dine in the famous fast food restaurant. Another way for you to accomplish this is to create a buyer persona. This lets you focus on topics that are tailored to your audience needs.
  2. Create quality content. Definitely, a quality content is the first and foremost reason why people will want to come back to your website and read your blogs. You need to exert an effort to know who your target audience is, the best blog formats for a certain topic, and other tips about making your readers want to read your blog such as using powerful headlines and bulleted lists. Blogging can be difficult at first, but for as long as you strive, you’ll get the hang of it. Some resources to help you craft better content for your blogs are HubSpot, CopyBlogger, and ProBlogger.
  3. Execute Search Engine Optimization. You also have to work on the visibility of your blogs in the search engine. This is why you should invest your time doing keyword research to get ideas about what your readers want to know and incorporate these keywords into your blogs. One underrated way to increase your rank in the search engine is by arranging the image properties (Alt Text, Title, Description) of the pictures you feature in your blogs. Include keywords in these properties because it can lead to a search back to the post where the picture is located.
  4. Stay consistent with the time you publish your posts. You must also be consistent with the number of posts you publish daily. This is a must especially if you already have avid readers. They will expect and if you are not consistent, you are at risk of losing them. According to a recent study, bloggers that publish more than one post in a day get “stronger results”. This is followed by daily posting. Since you’re starting, it would be great to aim to publish one post a day. After all, consistency is the key. Don’t start with something that you cannot commit to delivering regularly.
  5. Promote your blogs on social media. In sharing your blog posts on social media, you have to know the best time and day and worst times to do it for effectiveness. According to Sprout Social, best days to post on Facebook is 1 pm on Thursdays. For Twitter, it’s 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursdays, while it’s 12 pm to 5 pm from Tuesdays through Thursdays for LinkedIn.
  6. Encourage your readers to leave comments for a further discussion. In your blogs, always include a Calls-to-Action, which may be as simple as asking your readers to leave a comment regarding the topic of your blog. Also, reply to all their comments. When a new reader sees this, it can create a ripple effect in the sense that they would feel that you provide meaningful content as you have followers. Your company can also appear more approachable and humanized to them.

Indeed, blogging takes a lot of time and effort, but the results of it are something you should not underestimate. If this is something you don’t think you can do as of the moment because you lack the time or you are saving money, outsourcing can really help. If you wish to know more about this opportunity to grow your business, we are just an email or call away.

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