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What is the largest group of consumers as of today?

Over the course of time, the consumers’ behavior changes. Back in the day, consumers rely on infomercials and TV advertisements when considering a purchase. Now, people mostly refer to online reviews, forums, and even video reviews of products. This is because technology has evolved making such information more accessible to humans.

According to a study conducted by Pew Research Center, Millennials will soon be overtaking the largest living adult generation by 2019 as their numbers inflate to 73 million. It has been predicted that this generation of people born from the early 1980s to mid-1990s will dominate the market for another 20 years as their population rises up to 76 million by 2036.Projected population by generation

As the dominatrix of the market, businesses must learn to adapt to their behavior and must learn how to keep up with the trends that come with this generation. What’s even more important about considering them is the power of their influence against their fellow Millennials and their successors, Generation Z.

Customer Service Expectations

Millennials are one of the most self-educated generations in history. It is innate in them to make use of technology when it comes to everything they do. It has become a part of their routine that smartphones have become an “economic necessity” according to an article from Wired.

Timeliness and Availability

As businesses wanting to compete in the larger market, your information should be readily available as well. Chances are, you are already marketing your services across all social media channels known to man. However, as the famous Uncle Ben says, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. If you market on a specific platform, you should be able to handle customer service in it as well.

You should also be mindful of how fast you respond to customers. These customers want answers to their problems like google search. An Edison Research said that 42% of customers complaining in Social Media expects a response within 60 minutes.

If you want happy and loyal customers, you should be ready to attend to these queries within an hour!

Humanness and Sincerity

Despite the growth of AI and auto response bots, humans still look for a real encounter when it comes to customer service. In fact, more than 8 to 10 respondents in a survey conducted by PwC said that despite the advancement in technology, they still prefer interaction with a real person when it comes to customer service.

Self Service

This current generation that dominates the market is much less patient than their predecessors. They are not willing to spend an hour on the phone to be put on hold. A recent report by Steven Van Belleghem showed that 70% of the approximately 3,000 customers expect a company website to have a self-service application. Whether they are on their desktops, smartphones, or even stores, this younger demographic demands a quick and seamless customer experience.

But all these FAQs are just the common questions. These self-help manuals are issues which require a minimum amount of help. What happens when the issue escalates and require a more complex solution?

Role of Customer Service Agents

The role of today’s customer service agents has evolved greatly. They are expected to handle calls or assistance that requires an in-depth knowledge of the product. Agents are trained to adjust to different forms of communication depending on the medium. They should level with the understanding of the customer in order to provide more comprehensive assistance.

Despite the rise of automated replies, it’s still a wise investment to have humans to interact with customers to make the experience more personalized. Though it is true that 30% of the younger consumers refer to mobile self-service as the first option, they are still more comfortable with chat channels and look for an agent to consult if faced with a more complex issue.

Source: State of Global Customer Service Report | Microsoft

On a global average, 30% look for a live person to talk to during customer support. Another highlighted issue for ages 18-34 is the lack of knowledge of the representative on the other end of the line. Out of the respondents, 32% stated that an agent failing to provide a solution is the most frustrating aspect in their customer service journey.

This is why apart from hiring your own team, you should also ensure that your brand’s representatives have in-depth knowledge of how your product works. This way, your customers will have a seamless experience and will build trust for your company.

What if I can’t afford my own team?

If you’re looking to delegate your tasks and hiring in-house people, you should expect a big investment in it. However, there are businesses, startups even, that have found the success in outsourcing tasks without spending too much. This is because they find businesses with low-cost labor force who can do high-quality tasks for them. Maybe it’s time to broaden your options and think about the bigger possibilities?

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