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An inbound call strategy is not just a matter of keeping a phone line open and waiting for customers to start calling. You need to use proactive steps like clear call-to-action in your content. Once you get the call, you now need to establish trust with your prospect. After all, a call requires more commitment compared to an email. You cannot waste your caller’s time just talking about how great your services are. Show them how you can resolve their specific pain points and frustrations. In other words, make the call worth their while.

Ask the Right Questions

To build trust during the initial call, you have to maintain proper communication. So do not be afraid to ask questions. Take digital marketing as an example, with a client calling about social media management or customer support services in general. Ask them about the platform they are currently using or how they usually structure their schedules. If they run a small business, ask them about their target market. Their answers will give you a better understanding of their operations and exactly how you can help.

The tone of voice is important. You have to take care not to come across as too pushy. Your caller will most likely not appreciate it if their call felt more like an interrogation as opposed to an inbound call. Do your due diligence and respond cordially to their questions as well.

Deliver on your Brand Promise

Building trust requires authenticity. To achieve this, you need to make sure you are able to match the persona you front for your business. Many organizations promise the grand mission and vision statements without backing it up with actual practice.

How do you guarantee customers that your organization is innovative without funding R&D? How can you say your organization promotes diversity when you have no women or minorities on the board? People can catch on to these inconsistencies, leading to some level of doubt. They may buy once but never return.

It is easy to make promises on your website or your email. It is easy to feign enthusiasm and expertise in written form. The true test is whether you can follow-up on your promise during a call or a face-to-face meeting. After all, the tone of voice and body language now factor in the equation.

Callers are often very close to converting. It is why call center services play an important role in a company’s sales process. So do not give them any reason to doubt now. Showcase how well you understand their pain points and demonstrate how you can provide the solution to their woes. Cultivate an atmosphere of trust with all your clients and soon, you will reap more sales for your business.

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