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This Activity Drains Your Time More Than You Think, a 2018 CEO Study Shows

Time. It’s something almost everyone asks for more. But in the bevy of hopes for more of it, it’s a CEO’s that is pretty much self-explanatory.

CEOs need to juggle multiple priorities on a daily basis. This includes leading employees, thinking of new strategies for growth and even dealing with the media sometimes. With everything they need to accomplish in a limited time, efficient time management is an obvious challenge for them. 

Just recently, the Harvard Business Review released the first comprehensive study on the time usage of CEOs. Launched in 2016, the study tracked the time allocation of 27 CEOs, 2 women, and 25 men, for a total of three months. These CEOs own public companies worth an average of $13.1 billion. Although the study focused on CEOs of large corporations, authors Michael Porter and Nitin Nohria reiterate that the study is helpful for all leaders who need help in time management. 

For the execution of the study, the Executive Assistants (EAs) of participating CEOs took a huge role. They were trained to code their bosses’ time in 15-minute increments, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. In total, the study was able to track 60, 000 hours.

Checking emails drains time more than you think

One of the major takeaways of the study is how checking and responding to emails take an unreasonable amount of a CEO’s time. To be specific, it took 24%. Considering all the responsibilities of a CEO, this time is appalling, dangerous even.

CEOs are copied on a bulk of FYI emails, the authors stated. They feel the need to respond because they think it is rude if they don’t. But in another perspective, organizational consultant Simon Sinek said that there is no better way to tell your employees that you don’t trust them than asking to be copied on every email. According to him, this is a trait of a poor leader. 

Capping off this takeaway, authors suggested ways on how to solve the huge take-up of email on a CEO’s time. First, CEOs should have the discipline to resist the urge of responding to every email. Second, EAs should filter the messages that will go to the CEO’s inbox. 

Getting secretarial services offshore

Assistants take a huge part in a CEO’s ability to ensure that everything is in place. From fixing schedules to recording minutes of the meeting, assistants help CEOs concentrate on tasks that they cannot simply delegate. They also serve as the eyes and ears of CEOs when they are not around, which is almost always. 

But assistants are not only for CEOs of big corporations. Even those who own a small to medium company can surely use the help of an assistant. In fact, hiring an assistant is what renowned entrepreneur Tony Robbins did at the start of his career. Even when it cost him a lot, he finds the time he was able to spend on much better tasks worth it. 

Some entrepreneurs, however, choose not to get an assistant because of cost. If you are tight on budget, an alternative that many entrepreneurs do is to get secretarial services offshore. Except for making and handing coffee for you, virtual assistants can do any office work enabled via computer and the Internet. This includes various administrative tasks such as email correspondence, research, and much more. Some virtual assistants also specialize in a specific function such as marketing.

Entrepreneurs who avail secretarial services offshore are able to:

  • Focus on what truly matters
  • Rest easy with the quality of work
  • Save on operational expenses
  • Maximize productivity

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, our lines are always open. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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