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As the world’s #1 voice BPO, the Philippines offers excellent inbound and outbound calls services.

Proving its greatness as one of the leading industries in the country, the PH BPO sector is expected to generate revenue that will go beyond OFW remittances by 2018, which is currently the top earner for the country. By 2022, the entire industry is projected to earn almost $40 billion. Contact centers, in particular, the top employers in the BPO sector, had already held a significant number of the industry’s total revenue back in 2013.

Filipinos have long proven to be adept in the voice sector. Since 2010, the Philippines has been the world’s top exporter of BPO voice-related services. This advantage prompted foreign businesses to expand their operations in Manila. There are also several fast-developing Next Wave CitiesTM.

What’s their secret? The Filipino neutral accent. They have improved their English skills through these three main points:


Nine out of ten Filipinos are literate. The actual numbers go at an impressive 97% literacy rate. English is the lingua franca for both academic and professional work settings in the country. This enables their youth to be competent employees in any workplace, whether they choose to go local or global.


English is one of the Philippines’ official languages. Aside from being a language of instruction, it is also the working language for business, politics, and academics. It is considered an essential common tongue for locals to use. With it, they can also effectively communicate with tourists. As a tourism hot spot, Filipinos can easily hold an English conversation with non-local speakers.


Strong influences of Western media and culture enabled the Filipinos to adopt a flexible English accent that is clear and understandable for foreigners. History also reflects how the Americans taught the Filipinos the language as part of their ‘benevolent assimilation’ project in the country.

English is only one of the many factors that make the Philippines the best choice for offshore contact centers. A great point of interest is when the Filipino values blend into the Western business culture. It contributes a patient, jolly, and helpful business environment, with a team who can pick up the phone anytime.

Choose a partner with adaptable and trustworthy staff to help you handle both inbound and outbound calls. Find out more about our BPO services and discover what Anderson Group BPO, Inc. can do for you. Talk to us today!

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