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The holidays are a very profitable time for many businesses. While bigger establishments rely on extreme holiday deals and flashy marketing techniques, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) also have creative ways of luring in the holiday crowd. From social media management to email and content, feel free to experiment with these inexpensive holiday techniques to drive traffic to your business and increase sales.

Email Marketing

Your email list remains as a viable and cost-effective marketing tool even for holiday sales. Within an email, you can include text and graphics tailored for the season. Use the text with care so your email will not end up in the spam folder. From there, you just need to be creative. Customize your subject lines to fit with the holiday sales. You can even share holiday-themed content related to your industry via your newsletter.

The best part about email is that you are most likely already using it to drive traffic to your website on normal days. So it is just a matter of incorporating the holiday spirit into your usual email blasts and sending it to people you already know are interested in your business.

Leverage Video Content

Video is a very effective means of delivering content. The barrier to entry is no longer as inaccessible as it was back then. Gone are the days when an expensive gear is required to shoot a compelling video. Your smartphone will do and the raw look may even be preferred by today’s conscious shopper.

The key is to experiment. Perhaps you can use a video to talk about a new promo you are holding? Or you can take the opportunity to let your market see behind the scenes in your operation? Even better, you can also encourage your audience to submit video content on their own. It allows them to talk about the positive things about your brand or send reviews about your product. It can be used as an inexpensive word-of-mouth marketing tool for driving sales.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is an equally powerful tool for driving sales, especially if your target audience are frequent users of their digital devices. You can use it for announcing special deals and offers if you are running any. You can also foster engagement by joining groups dedicated to your industry and establishing your brand over there.

Facebook ads are also a good way to drive sales using social media. It catches people’s attention, taking advantage of the high search volume during the holiday season. Best of all, it is relatively inexpensive and offers more control if you are planning to work on a budget.

Even your small business stands a lot to gain from holiday sales just by leveraging your existing resources. Thus, social media management services provide you a platform for cost-effective marketing and engagement, allowing your business to reap the rewards of the holiday season.

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