SMEs’ Favorite Photo Sharing App Goes Head-to-Head with YouTube

There is no doubt that social media is one of the biggest innovations that changed the world. In the realm of business, it has opened new and multiple avenues for advertising and marketing. Various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have also grown to become new channels for customer service.

In October 2010, a photo and video sharing app has joined other social media channels in transforming communication. Enabling doors for brand promotion, self-marketing, and just the showcase of life’s precious moments, Instagram has easily won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. In fact, in June 2018, the app reached 1 billion monthly active users.

Although it started off as a photo sharing app, Instagram also explored the opportunities that video offers later on. It launched the 15-second video sharing feature on the platform in 2013. And just recently, it rolled out a new video application called IGTV.

In the simplest terms, IGTV enables users to create vertical videos up to an hour long. According to Techcrunch, everyone can create videos up to this length except for smaller and new accounts. Many think that IGTV was Instagram’s way to compete with YouTube head on.

IGTV is available either as a separate app for Apple and Android or as a built-in feature in the main Instagram app. It is now available for download in the Apple store and Play store. If you have updated your Instagram recently, you can also see the IGTV button in the home screen of Instagram. 

Here’s how IGTV works

Login. You don’t need to create a separate login for IGTV if you already have an Instagram account. For as long as you’re logged into your Instagram account, you can just click continue to access the new video platform.


social media management services Instagram launches IGTV

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

“For you” tab. Once you’ve accessed the IGTV, the first thing you’ll see are the videos under the “For You” tab. These are videos that IGTV thinks you’ll like.

Instagram launches IGTV


Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Though the video on the background is set on autoplay, its sound defaults to off.

“Popular” tab. Under the “Popular” tab, you will see videos of people that you don’t follow. It works just like Instagram’s “Explore” tab which allows you to discover new people. On the other hand, you will see videos of the creators you follow under the “Following” tab.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Full screen. Once you found a video that you want to watch, just click on the video to play it on full-screen mode. As mentioned earlier, IGTV is built for vertical videos. This means that even when you flip your phone horizontally, the video will still play in vertical.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Additional info. You can also add information and links along with your video posts. This allows you to make calls-to-action for your viewers. Calls-to-action can be asking them to navigate to another site or watch more of your videos. Just click on the video title if you want to see this information.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Sharing and commenting. Same with Instagram, you can also express your thoughts about a video either by pressing the heart button or clicking the comment button. In sharing a video, you can either get a direct link to the video or send the video via direct message on Instagram.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

“Continue watching” tab. Being the busy person that you are, interruptions while watching videos on IGTV are inevitable. But don’t fret. IGTV included the “Continue Watching” tab where you can find the videos you paused and play them from where you left off.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Starting your own channel. Ready to start your own channel? Just click on your profile picture. The action will direct you to your own page. Just press the add button to begin uploading videos from your camera roll. Unfortunately, you can’t record videos directly via IGTV yet.

social media management services Instagram launches new app

Image courtesy: The Business Insider

Reviews of the IGTV

Of course, there will be opposing views about IGTV. Taken from Google Play, there are some users who find the platform unfair because they can’t upload videos up to an hour long.

There are those who liked how the app is built for vertical videos, but also think that various improvements need to be made before it can be a worthy competitor of YouTube.

On the other hand, there are also those who want the availability of landscape view.

Some users also complain about uploading issues.

And finally, there are users who think that IGTV was rushed.

Based on the comments, it seems that the creators of the app still need to fill various rooms for improvement. But despite the criticisms, Instagram’s initiative is a great start in exploiting the opportunities that video offers. Businesses, especially SMEs and solo entrepreneurs, now have more opportunities to promote their brand.

Social media services

Indeed, social media has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers. It opened new paths for brand awareness and customer loyalty. But while utilizing social media is a proven way to help businesses, social media management is a daunting process.

As a small to medium business owner, time is the most precious resource. Making the most out of the opportunities that social media offers can take up a considerable time. This is why most business owners opt for social media services. Among many others, social media services enable them to improve bottom lines.

To know more about this opportunity, talk to us today!

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