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With Philippine customer service, your shoppers are in good hands. 

offshoring customer service operations to the Philippines call center agents

The Philippines is a top location for business owners looking to outsource their customer service operations. Apart from its cost-competitive advantage and government support, it is ultimately the highly-skilled Filipino workforce that seals the deal when it comes to offshoring Philippine customer service. To elaborate, here are the reasons why foreign companies choose Filipinos to handle their customer service operations:

  1. Filipinos are highly literate.

    • The national census of the Philippine Statistics Authority reveals that 95.6% of Filipinos have the ability to read and write. This means that every year, Philippine colleges produce roughly 500, 000 graduates. With outsourcing, foreign business owners can tap into this pool of individuals equipped with the skills to understand customer service operations and deliver efficient help support through any channel, be it through phone, email, chat, or social media.
  2. Filipinos are proficient in speaking the English language.

    • The last thing that customers want is to face a customer service representative who cannot address their problems due to poor English skills. The good thing is, Filipinos are adept at both oral and written English communication. In fact, the Philippines topped a global index measuring Business English proficiency in the workplace back in 2012. The country oversees an influx of students from other South East Asian countries like Korea, Japan, and China who sign up for English lessons. They either move to the country for study or go through the course online. Many South East Asian schools also hire overseas Filipino teachers for their English classes, like Singapore. This serves as proof of the Filipino mastery of the English language.
  3. Filipinos are warm and hospitable.

    • In customer service, it is inevitable to encounter irate customers which is why it is important to have professional customer service representatives who will aim for customer satisfaction no matter what. The warmth and hospitality of Filipinos make them more than suitable for the job. Filipinos are diplomatic by nature. This is due to their culture as an archipelago who thrived on healthy trade partnerships connecting China and other parts of South East Asia until the Spanish came and opened new doors to the West, which attracted Britain and further on, America. Today, the proof of this Filipino trait is the number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) that the country offers in the health, care, and customer service industries. The number was roughly around 2.2 million as of 2016 and it continues to grow today.
  4. Filipinos embrace the western culture.

    • The Philippines is one of the most westernized nations in Southeast Asia given its colonial history. They were colonized by Spain as the only country the empire occupied across the Asia-Pacific which lasted for over 300 years; was taken over briefly by the British and was eventually sold to the Americans. With these foreign high officials introducing their Western ways to the oriental country, Filipinos are highly exposed and inclined to western trends. Until the recent boom of K-Pop in the 90s, the Filipinos’ taste for entertainment was strongly influenced by the West alone. Today, school instruction still carry the traditions of Western Catholic orders and its language has been in English by default since 1901, more than a century since. This is the reason why Filipinos can carry a conversation with foreign customers well. Despite being oriental, they have had a huge history of western experiences that they can draw from to build rapport.

With all these unique abilities and traits of Filipinos, entrusting your customer service operations to the Philippines is most likely a smart decision. The country tops the call center services in the entire outsourcing industry. Interested in outsourcing your operations to a Philippine customer service provider? We are more than happy to help you.

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