Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Back Office Services to the Philippines

Here’s why the Philippines is the better place to offshore your back office functions.


Back office jobs are, well, backbreaking. But on a more serious note, a business greatly owes the smooth flow of its processes to an efficient back office that works on very detail-oriented tasks like data entry, data validation, data analysis, and even research. These are usually for ensuring clean record maintenance and accurate accounting, among many others. 

However, it is not always practical to have this in-house, especially for a company with a limited workforce. Outsourcing your back office and having it offshore can save you time, money, and effort. More importantly, you will definitely make the most of your investment by working with a collaborative and trustworthy team.

But first, you must wisely choose a place to offshore back office functions. The Philippines proves to be an ideal destination for foreign investors from the UK, US, and Australia for a number of advantages. Here are the top reasons why the Philippines gives other countries a good run for their money: 

1. Cost-efficiency.

The Philippines is one of the most financially attractive countries for outsourcing with lower labor and real estate costs. This affordability of resources comes without compromise to the quality of work as the country boasts a highly-educated workforce, perfect for high-skill back office jobs. Foreign investors also enjoy tax holidays and other incentives that will definitely make a worthy investment. The local IT-BPM industry has greatly contributed to the country’s flourishing economy

2. Government efforts to enhance skills.

The Philippine government has been developing programs to further improve skills and talent availability. For one, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program between the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) was made in 2011, training “near hire” applicants to achieve employment in the various sectors of the BPO industry. A national competency test has also been designed by the IBPAP to ensure employees’ proficiency in required skills such as English communication and computer literacy.

3. Infrastructure investments across the country.

Nine Philippine cities sit proudly in the Tholons top 100 outsourcing destinations for 2016. The growing IT-BPM industry in the country has been expanding outside the capital, as envisioned in the Next Wave CitiesTM program. It just goes to show that Filipinos are highly competitive in the field, no matter where they are. More cities are on their way to becoming Centers of Excellence for BPO. In addition, the recently approved National Broadband Plan will also greatly benefit the industry, which is heavily reliant on connectivity. With a faster Internet connection, the country is sure to provide higher quality service to more clients across the globe.

4. Cultural adaptability.

An unbeaten Filipino edge in the outsourcing industry has got to be remarkable work ethics and flexibility in dealing with differing cultures. For back office tasks that require so much patience, diligence, and accuracy, Filipinos can definitely deliver. Gain this edge and more with Anderson Group BPO, providing you a team that is adaptable to change and passionate with work.

Have your back office outsourced in the Philippines’ premier business districts. Offering affordable services tailored to each unique client’s needs, Anderson Group BPO is sure to help your business grow. Know more about what we can do for you. Start working with us today, because with Anderson Group BPO, we grow together. Contact us at  

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