Seat Leasing in Ortigas

Get the best place to grow your business. Operate in Anderson Group BPO’s site in Wynsum Corporate Plaza.

seat leasing in ortigas

In the past, renting a space is the only option available for businesses that are not yet ready to have an office of their own. But over the years, another option has been giving them a better means to fulfill their unique workplace needs and goals. This option is referred to as seat leasing.

Seat leasing enables business owners to make the best use of its resources. They are able to get exactly what they need to operate and set the length of duration they need them. Besides the workstations and chairs, a seat leasing package can also include computers, IT support, a reliable internet connection, as well as the free use of lockers and conference rooms. Seat leasing also enables a business to skip through the hassles of securing legal permits. With all these features, a business can start operations immediately, hence why seat leasing is also called a “plug and play solution”.

When you think about it, seat leasing is much like getting a hotel room. You can choose the services you need to relax, rest, and have fun for as long as you want, while the hotel is responsible for the maintenance of the room and other hotel amenities you will use. And just like you opt for the hotel that you deem best to give you the time of your life, you should also opt for the seat leasing provider that will help your business flourish.

Seat leasing in Ortigas

Anderson Group BPO is a seat leasing provider in the Philippines known for putting quality and consistency at the core of its seat leasing services. Our commitment to an excellent seat leasing service enabled us to have three sites after just four years in the business. With the external location being a key factor to the success of a business, our sites are located in the major cities of Manila namely BGC, Mandaluyong, and Ortigas.

For our Ortigas branch on the 11th floor of Wynsum Corporate Plaza, the seat leasing inclusions are as follows:

  • 24/7 IT Assistance
  • PEZA-Certified Building
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Fiber Optic Internet Connection
  • All-In Pricing
  • Office Maintenance

Besides these, seat leasing in our Ortigas site also includes the free use of our pantry, lockers, boardrooms, and sleeping quarters. There’s also a free supply of water and coffee that your team can surely make use of in the pantry.

Below are some of the photos of our workstations and amenities.


seat leasing in Ortigas lockers

1.4m-wide workstations

seat leasing in Ortigas premium call center seats for rent     seat leasing in ortigas call center seats for rent affordable seat leasing

seat leasing in ortigas call center seats for rent affordable seat leasing     affordable call center seats for rent


seat leasing in ortigas boardroom      seat leasing in ortigas boardroom 10-seater


seat leasing in ortigas pantry     seat leasing in ortigas pantry

Male and female sleeping quarters

seat leasing in ortigas male sleeping quarters     seat leasing in ortigas female sleeping quarters

Although the photos are giving you an idea of how our facility looks like, no one can argue that a personal view will always be better. Come to see our facility on the 11th floor of Wynsum Corporate Plaza!

Paulo Salud

Business Development Manager

Anderson Group BPO, Inc.

Philippines: +63-917-869-8070

Australia: +61-2-851-812-64



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