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Startups and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) do run into growing pains in their initial stages. One of these is with regards to expansion. Sometimes, figures go up faster than anticipated. Sales start pouring in and businesses start needing more and more personnel to keep up. To this end, the office space where these businesses started out may no longer be sufficient. Keeping this in mind, here are three signs your business needs bigger office space in order to maintain streamlined operations.

Increasing Staff

This sign is simple enough. More people simply mean there is a need for more space. As your business and clientele grow, you will need more people to cope with the increase. Outsourcing non-core, routine tasks can help but for processes you need to keep in-house, you will need to hire talent. And these talents will need the room to grow. Literally.

The recommended office space per employee is 11 cubic meters according to UK standards. This is, however, based on multiple variables. Items like furniture size, ceiling height, and space layouts also need to be considered as well. When staff space becomes too limited, your business could face difficulties in expanding operations.

When employees are starting to complain about a coworker’s eating habits or that the printer’s noise is too loud, then you may want to consider moving into a much bigger space.

The Old Office is Starting To Resemble a Hoarder’s Home

Everyone has an idea of what a hoarder’s house looks like. From broken furniture collecting cobwebs in the attic to a collection of appliances that only work 60% of the time, it almost resembles a bargain bin sale more than an actual home. For those looking to live a life free from clutter, this is something you want to avoid.

When you are still a startup working with only a handful of partners, running the business out of your couch or a cafe seems to be efficient enough. However, once more clients come in, you may want a dedicated professional space to accommodate them in. In addition, for businesses dealing with physical products, home-based office space could fill up pretty fast.

And even if the business does not deal with physical products, adding more workstations and equipment in an increasingly smaller space can still lead to comfort issues. If you and your employees find yourself having to navigate a minefield of desks, chairs, and wires just to get around the place, you may want to move into a bigger office. You may even find deals that also offer workstations and equipment as part of the package.


It can be difficult for you and your team to find your respective workspaces if nearly every shelf or table is crammed full of files and paperwork. Clutter is nearly unavoidable especially for dynamic workplaces but it is important to distinguish manageable clutter to clutter in general. Too much paperwork can be distracting as employees struggle to organize files every day.

There is also the matter of privacy and confidentiality. It is not advisable to leave documents containing sensitive information lying around. Sensitive items need to be stored away safely to avoid loss or damage to important documents. This is especially difficult when the office is barely able to accommodate your whole team.

Having paperwork strewn all over the place could be a good sign you need to move into a bigger office. While you are at it, you can also start digitizing documents as well in order to cut back on physical storage needs.

Seat Leasing: A Solution to Office Woes

Of course, there are also good reasons to hold on to your old office as long as you can. Savings and cost-efficiency are the top reasons why. Moving to a bigger office would mean investing capital into space, infrastructure, and equipment. It is easy to see why for many smaller businesses, the thought of expanding can be daunting.

Fortunately, seat leasing exists as an option. By leasing space from a dedicated provider, you do not have to invest a lot of money for space and equipment purchases. Vendors have also secured the necessary permits and certifications in order for your business to work efficiently and securely. With seat leasing, you not only get a workstation and the necessary computers but also access to other amenities like dedicated break rooms and meeting rooms too.

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