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Running a business is costly. Even small businesses have to contend with rising rent prices especially in crowded cities. Then, there are unexpected costs that easily eat away a business’ accumulated budget. Fortunately, today’s sharing economy has provided the convenient option of seat leasing. Regardless if it is a small business looking for their first professional space or an established business looking to expand operations, here are some ways shared office spaces help address each business need.

Alleviating the Pains of Expansion

As a small business starting out, pain points may start emerging especially with regards to expansion. Sure, it is easy enough to get into a small business with all the accessible advanced tools but scaling it is another problem. Tasks may be manageable at first, but what happens when more clients arrive?

As more customers come in, there would come a time when working from home will no longer be enough. Eventually, the business will need more staff which also requires more space. Additionally, startup businesses may not have the needed capital to invest in a long-term lease with a traditional office and high-end equipment yet.

This is where shared office spaces come in handy. There is no pressure for businesses to commit long-term right now; it is possible to rent out just the exact amount of space it needs. When it is time to expand, it is just as easy enough to scale up operations by adding more desks and equipment to the contract.

Location Visibility

Many shared office providers are in locations already ideal for different types of businesses. These are often central business districts which receive a lot of foot traffic from clients or other business owners. Accessibility of the location is an important consideration too, particularly, when it comes to scheduling face-to-face meetings with important clients.

For example, offices in the Ortigas Central Business District in Manila make for a convenient location. It is located in the heart of four major cities (Pasig, Quezon, Mandaluyong, and Makati) and is also accessible to an array of public and private transportation. Furthermore, it offers a lot of lifestyle amenities due to its proximity to malls and dining places.


Most shared offices implement sophisticated methods of security both in their physical office and their network. For example, they may implement the use of keycards when accessing parts of the office. Some may use fingerprint scans to ensure only tenants and management are able to get in and out.

When it comes to information security, businesses can check if the provider has certifications from trusted accrediting bodies. For example, a company that is ISO 27001:2013 certified means that the company’s existing information security and management system is well-equipped to handle risks and vulnerabilities. This guarantees safety for its current and future clients.

Knowing the business is in a secure location goes a long way for your peace of mind. This applies to both business owners and prospective clients alike.

Networking Opportunities

Working so long in a home environment can provide you with limited resources. In a shared workspace, business owners have the opportunity to interact with other businesses from other industries, leading to more opportunities for partnerships or expansion. Face-to-face communication with the team every now and then will also be helpful in coming up with key strategies.

To this end, shared office spaces are great for businesses looking to collaborate with others. There is no need to force networking on people since it happens organically. Whether it is through formal meetings or simple water cooler talk in the pantry, meeting new people is easy in shared office spaces. Having a sense of community around goes a long way for fostering productivity.

Looking for an Office?

Whether you are looking for just a few seats to add to your business or an entire row to take care of your routine tasks, Anderson Group BPO, Inc. has an office for you. Choose from three convenient locations across three established locations and set up an office that caters to your day-to-day needs. Sharing is caring and we are happy to share with you our premium locations without breaking the bank. Contact us through the channels below and we will be happy to give you a personal tour of our office spaces.