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Think about the last time you had to move houses or apartments. You most likely had a checklist of things you looked for in the new space. These may vary, ranging from available parking to whether or not the new place allows pets. The same holds true when moving your business operations to a new office, particularly a shared one. So before moving to shared office space, make sure you keep these 5 things in mind for a smooth transition.


Location is an important factor for business when it comes to dealing with clients so you also want to consider relocating to strategic locations as well. Central business districts are a prime location for a relocation due to its proximity to various lifestyle facilities which results in a lot of foot traffic. Office buildings in central business districts are also quite new and modern so you do not have to worry about depreciating amenities when you work.

The location also helps your business’ team members too. Places that are easily accessible by private or public transport greatly reduce the time and hassle your employees face when commuting to the office, which results in improved productivity overall.

Office Services

Consider the services you expect in the package. Will your business need a new set of computers in addition to the standard workstations and internet connectivity? Does it need an office landline? Are printers and photocopiers part of the services offered should the business need it? Make a mental note of all the necessary equipment you will need prior to moving. Doing this reduces possible delays from missing supplies and collaterals.

Aside from just the physical aspect of the service, consider fees as well. Are brand new computers included in the initially quoted package or do you have to pay extra for these? When it comes to phones, some providers give free incoming calls but charge a small extra for outgoing ones. Review your contract well to figure out the exact services included in the package.


Consider the amenities your business will have access to when choosing shared office space. A pantry where employees can eat and mingle can be really convenient so they would not have to spend as much time lining up to eat outside. Additionally, many providers also include free coffee in their deals which reduces the number of trips to the nearest coffee shop.

Seat leasing providers also provide their clients with private conference and meeting rooms for brainstorming and collaborative work or important meetings. One consideration you may want to note is how easily you can reserve the use of a room. Just because a private conference room is included in the deal, it may not necessarily mean that your business can easily access it when something unannounced happens. Fortunately, providers do provide multiple rooms in anticipation of this problem. Still, it pays to plan ahead.

Workplace Culture

When looking for shared office space, it is important to consider your company’s culture. You probably would not want to relocate a financial or legal business into an open office space with minimal privacy. Likewise, you would not move a collaborative enterprise into a traditional setting to avoid the possible as to not cause disruptive noise.

Of course, it is inevitable that you will encounter businesses of a different nature in a shared office setting. Fortunately, seat leasing providers tend to play matchmaker when assigning seats to businesses. They are often amenable to adjust seating arrangements in order to create a cohesive work environment for all of its clients.

Hours of Operation

Not all businesses adhere to the usual 9-5 hours of operation. Some businesses operate during the day and some are more attuned to working a graveyard shift especially if their clients are on the other side of the globe. Days of operation may be different as well. Some may work on Tuesdays to Saturdays rather than going for the traditional Monday to Friday. There are other variations including businesses that run 24/7 every day.

Therefore, it is important to think about how you are going to access the office when your provider is off-hours. Will you be provided keys to the office? Do you have to wait for your provider to arrive before resuming operations? Is it possible to come in on Saturdays, Sundays or even holidays? Is security and/or IT support available at all times? These are questions you want to ask when looking to move into a shared office space.

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