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Here’s why Anderson Group BPO’s Robinson’s Cybergate Tower 3 Office is the best to house your business.

In a general perspective, the address of a business is a key factor to its success. For spas and restaurants that are new, it can even pass as a number one factor because the visibility of the location is often tantamount to awareness of the business. This is why entrepreneurs spend a generous amount of time and money in finding and securing a location that has good foot traffic.

For businesses that primarily operate through an office such as IT-BPM companies, the external and internal aspect of the office are the major points to ponder. For the external part, it has to be easily accessible by private or public transport. It is also a major plus if it’s surrounded by a wide array of outlets for work stresses such as malls, restaurants, and spas. Internally, the office should have tidy workstations and modern computers. A reliable internet connection is, needless to say, a requirement for a continuous business activity.

Before, businesses that are not yet ready to have an office space of their own opt to rent. But over the years, another option is starting to gain popularity among business owners. Seat leasing has become the source of relief for businesses that want to maximize their limited resources. Through seat leasing, a business can get exactly what it needs and set the length it needs them. It can also save time on securing legal permits that can cause the delay in starting operations. A typical seat leasing package includes everything a business needs to operate such as computers, desks, chairs, conference rooms, and a high-speed Internet.

Knowing the importance of the external aspect of a location, many seat leasing providers are located in the major cities in the country such as Makati, BGC, Ortigas, and Mandaluyong.

Seat leasing in Mandaluyong

Anderson Group BPO is a seat leasing provider in the Philippines known for its quality and consistent seat leasing inclusions. Initially, it only has two sites, one in Ortigas and another in BGC. But with more and more businesses seeing our commitment to an excellent seat leasing service, we were able to open a third facility on the 20th floor of Robinson’s Cybergate Tower 3 in Mandaluyong City just a few months ago. The ease of traveling and the availability of lifestyle and entertainment destinations around the area sealed the management’s decision to expand in Mandaluyong.

Our seat leasing inclusions in our third branch include the following:

  • PEZA-Certified Building
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Redundant Fiber Optic Internet Connection
  • 24/7 IT Support
  • IT Security
  • All-in Pricing
  • Office Maintenance

Seat leasing with Anderson Group’s CG3 site also includes the free use of the following amenities:


Let you and your employees work worry-free about the safety of your belongings. Have the liberty to use our lockers to secure your valuables.

lockers for seat leasing

Female and male sleeping quarters

Too tired to go home? Got too early at work? Rest for a while or continue your journey to dreamland in our tidy and cozy sleeping quarters.

female sleeping quarters seat leasing inclusion     Cybergate 004


Create meaningful memories with your team in a neat and clean dining area. Our pantry also includes an unlimited supply of water and coffee, which are for free as well!

pantry for seat leasing     pantry seat leasing


Have the most productive discussion with your employees, clients, or partners. Our spacious boardrooms can aid you in arriving at the best decisions that can elevate your company to greater heights.

board room seat leasing     board room seat leasing

boardroom seat leasing     boardroom seat leasing


While photos are a good visual representation, nothing beats a personal view. Be the judge of our new facility! Contact us today through the following channels: