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There’s a popular saying in project management: “It’s either you want easy, quality, or affordable — pick two.” But what if you can have the best of all three?

Our staff leasing services allow you to: 

Hire easy.

Our staff leasing process only takes a few simple steps. With us, you can skip the long hours of interviewing candidates and processing piles of paperwork. With us, you get rid of the repetitive tasks while still having control over your team. 

Depending on your needs, deployment could range from a few weeks to a couple of months. Factors include headcount, the complexity of job requirements, and the employees’ learning speeds. Your preference plays a huge part in the length of the timeline, as well, because we want your business to be YOU. 

To give you an idea, here’s the general flow of the process.

  1. You provide us with your Job Description
  2. We source, then shortlist the best candidates
  3. You interview your favorite candidates over Skype or other video conference platforms
  4. We onboard employees and provide initial training
  5. Now housed in our modern offices, the staff reports directly to you

Access quality talent pools.

So how do we set our staff leasing services apart? Aside from your hired team, we provide your operations support in various departments. With us, you can enjoy a high-quality, full-functioning team that gives you fewer matters to worry about. Our services include management of the facilities, operations, and HR needs of the remote teams.

  • I.T.
      • I.T. Help Desk & Support
      • Data Security
      • ISO & GDPR Compliance
  • Operations
      • Service Level Agreement Metrics
      • Quality Assurance
      • Scorecard Reporting
  • Human Resources
      • Timekeeping, Payroll, & Compensation Benefits
      • Performance Management
      • Employee Relations & Retention

Enjoy flexible deals that allow you to fully utilize one or all three of the items listed above. On top of this, your team also gets to enjoy a comfortable office space with a fully stocked pantry, sleeping quarters for when they need to take a break, and an unlimited supply of coffee! Basically, we take care of your team so you don’t have to.

Source from affordable labor markets.

In a country with lower costs of living, labor market prices are also significantly reduced. At £8.21, the minimum hourly salary rate of one UK worker is almost worth the minimum basic daily wage of Filipino workers at £8.37!

UK Wage vs. PH Staff Leasing Hourly Rates

Ready to build your own team for a fraction of the price?

Explore our staff leasing options and see how we can help you with your business operations. Have other concerns or questions on your mind? Drop us a message!

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