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When organizations look for better customer retention strategies, they often overlook the welcome call as an important part of that strategy. Customers generally expect outbound calls from companies to be self-serving. They expect it to be another attempt at self-promotion or offers for new products. Thus, a professional and friendly welcome call breaks the norm, with agents providing effective customer support services proactively.

A welcome call serves as the first point of contact once the customer is on board with your business. It is a chance for your organization to put its best foot forward and make a striking first impression. By starting with a friendly welcome call, your business shows your customers that you are happy to have them on board. It makes your business sound less mechanical or robotic.

Turn Your Welcome Call into Opportunities

A welcome call is also an opportunity for your business to provide additional value for your customers. As an introduction to your business, you can use your welcome call to:

  • Inform your customers about your processes and systems
  • Notify your customers about your support and sales channels
  • Assess whether you have delivered on your promises as part of compliance
  • Take care of any additional inquiries at the first point of contact

Delegate Welcome Calls to a Competent Team

Nonetheless, the task of onboarding your new clients can be time-consuming. It also requires a trained team in order to get the most out of this venture. As part of a larger suite of outbound call services, it can be effectively outsourced to a dedicated contact center solutions provider.

Outsourcing outbound calls not only helps your organization reduce costs, but it also helps improve the quality of service as well. Having a dedicated team in place allows them to focus all their attention on service while you deal with your core operations. Offshore outsourcing also extends your business’ operational hours, allowing you to provide your service to a larger, global audience.

Taking your customer service to the next level is just a call away. Get a dedicated team of outbound call professionals to handle your clients today.

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