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As several communities enter quarantine in order to deal with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many organizations adapted with the help of technology. Thus, the Tech Lockdown webcast talked about the various technological tools and tips that businesses can use. The episode featured two speakers: Group Publisher Andrew Martin and Nadia Khan, Communications Manager of Consumer Products of Google Malaysia. Together, they discussed the products used in order to facilitate an efficient remote work system.

As discussed by speaker Nadia Khan, the key to efficient remote work is constant collaboration and communication within teams. Remote teams need to remain social and video conferences, live chat, and email are all essential tools to aid in this. She recommends Google Hangouts, which features recording and live streaming capabilities for documentation purposes.

G Suite for Remote Office Work

When it comes to conducting office work such as documents or spreadsheets, the other G Suite apps come in handy. Tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides allow managers to track real-time progress while team members can work collaboratively on the same document. Supervisors can leave comments and suggestions while revisions are saved automatically. For scheduling meetings and ensuring everyone is ready at a given time, Google Calendar offers a versatile solution. Lastly, Google Drive serves as a one centralized storage device for files. It also grants managers the ability to restrict and expand access to the drive for added security.

Remote work ensures that crucial operations like customer support continue even during crucial times. Thus, it is important that organizations have the right tools in order to do the best job. With Google’s suite of free services, the future of work may lean towards work-from-home and other remote arrangements. Remote staff will be essential for many companies. At Anderson, we specialize in hiring and training people to handle the most crucial operations of your business, even if they have to do it from home. Contact us today and let us handle your remote operations.

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