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In the second part of the IBPAP Talks 6 writeup attended by Anderson Group BPO, Inc., we now discuss the emerging industry threats that highlight the importance of lifelong learning. In addition, we must also look at the benefits it provides people at any stage of life.                                                                                             

Robots and Automation

They may not be as threatening as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, but robots are nonetheless rising up as a major competitor in the workforce. Automation is becoming a very lucrative business practice that many companies are investing in.

Take Chatbots for instance. Back then, people would need to be present to respond to customer inquiries, requiring brands to have their own service teams at the ready. Now, bots are able to provide a more cost-effective way of serving as the first point of contact for customers, resolving simple issues without needing any escalation.

Humans still lead in many ways, of course, but improvements to the AI technology are being researched every day. With the Google Duplex example, CEO Sundar Pichai has mentioned that its function will be expanded into an automatic tool that helps users quickly reserve movie tickets and rentals. The AI has “upskilled” so to speak.

The tool is not yet perfect but it does offer a glimpse of what is possible with this technology. It is only bound to get even more sophisticated in the coming years. The human workforce would need to do its due diligence in order to ensure their skills remain competitive.

Economic Downturns

Recessions are difficult for the entire company. It is a factor that is difficult to control and to prepare for. Economic downturns are bad for employers and employees alike as it tends to lead to mass layoffs and closures, putting job security at risk. Learning new skills can help in navigating these difficult situations.

Benefits of Lifelong Learning: Keeping a Competitive Workforce

Having anticipated the future trends and as a defense to threats, the speaker recommends the lifelong learning process as it is beneficial for the company and its employees. Below are just some of the advantages taken away from it.

Keeps People Healthy

Learning has benefits for health. A study conducted by the University of California at Irvine in 2010 reveals that learning keeps the brain functioning at a high level. After all, the brain is a muscle. Lamarck’s theory of use and disuse states that muscles deteriorate when not in use. So it pays to always challenge the mind to learn something new every day.

Promotes Skill Development and Relevance

Learning improves competence. This competence, in turn, improves confidence which is necessary for making an impression in social environments. Learners are able to connect with important prospects and industry leaders better. Developed properly and learners will even pass their knowledge and experience down, becoming a mentor in the process.

Encourages Fulfillment and Success

Learning helps brush off boredom. Taking an advanced course related to your field will not only teach new, marketable skills, but it also serves as a fun exercise. It allows learners to discover hidden strengths and passions that may eventually be translated into success in the workplace or in their business.

Easily Accessible

One final reason given by the speaker is that lifelong learning is easier than ever. There are many tools and resources available at anyone’s fingertips. Developments like assisted technology, web 2.0, and even the workplace are all good places to learn new things.

These technologies help improve employee engagement in the workplace as well. Which is why Anderson Group BPO, Inc. strives to train and upskill employees to keep up with the latest tech. All these are done so we can deliver the maximum performance to our clients.

There are several benefits for people who commit to being lifelong learners. The barrier for entry is low, the pros are huge, and it helps prepare for any threats that may come in the future. The world is continuously globalizing and the playing field is getting bigger. Learning puts people in a much better position to change and adapt. It allows them to be resilient towards disruption and find opportunities within. Opportunities that eventually help them grow their careers and find their success.

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