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BPO Seat leasing

The concept of seat leasing is not new to the Philippines. However, it was only recently that foreign businesses started to see the advantages it brings.

With the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry enjoying robust and steady growth, offshoring firms have also started to offer more flexible business solutions to their clients. An example of this is seat leasing services.

Seat leasing is perfect for startup companies working with limited resources. It is good for those who are not ready to invest in long-term office spaces and expensive equipment purchase. Aside from keeping costs down, this option also helps maintain a high quality of service to their clients. Thus, seat leasing is a smart choice for most businesses regardless of size.

Seats Available in Prime Locations

Since the Philippines is considered the second best destination for outsourcing services, businesses are confident that they are partnering with the right people in the right place. With three major central business districts–Ortigas Center, Bonifacio Global City, and Makati City along with other prime locations all over the country, access to modern offices with urban facilities are readily available.

The country also has a wide variety of modes of transportation; from modern train systems to buses and shuttles. Furthermore, the Philippines is up-to-date with the latest trends in transportation as evident from ride sharing’s popularity in the country. Because of this, office spaces are definitely accessible to all employees.

Competitive Equipment in Modern Work Spaces

A quick search online presents the many seat leasing opportunities available in the country. However, not all of these deliver the promise of reliable and resilient facilities and working environments conducive to productivity. As with office location, the quality of the equipment in the office is crucial as well.

A stable internet connection, quality computers with the necessary hardware and software for business, and a dedicated IT support team is essential for a modern workplace. Backup and recovery are also necessary for ensuring smooth operations. To this end, outsourcing firms like Anderson Group BPO, Inc. ensure that each computer is installed with a stand-alone Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Flexible Business Solutions

With seat leasing, business owners have the freedom to design their terms according to their business needs. At Anderson Group BPO, Inc., leasing a seat doesn’t come with so many hassles or requirements. Depending on their needs, businesses can choose to lease single or multiple seats. There’s no minimum duration for the lease as well. Should you just need a day, a couple of weeks, or some few months, the terms are entirely up to you.

This option allows companies to proceed with business operations without the additional overhead expenses. Space, equipment, utilities and a dedicated team are already provided by the BPO firm. Instead of worrying about space and overheads, businesses can direct all their attention to innovation and concentrate on the things that really matter.