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Contact Center Solutions

Customers are the most valuable asset of a business. Bring in new patrons and retain existing customers with the help of a team that will serve as ambassadors of your brand. Anderson Group BPO provides contact center services that can help improve your bottom lines.

Back Office

An efficient back office is essential to ensure the smooth flow of your operations. Our team’s more than capable hands can secure and organize your data to help you draw the best business decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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The BPO Services of Anderson Group Philippines

Delivery Models


Losing control is a common worry in outsourcing. At Anderson Group BPO, you can remain in charge of the processes while we provide the essential support such as talent and equipment to enable your offshore operations.


Make the most of your time and maximize business productivity with an efficient offshore staff! Whether you’re a business owner, online entrepreneur, or an internet marketer, we can help you find and manage the best people. With a dedicated team working full-time from our Manila offices, we assure efficient operations and improved business.


There are clients whose end objective is to control the offshore operations one day. In that case, Anderson Group BPO can set up and run the operations for an agreed period. After that duration, we can arrange the transfer of the operations to your office in the Philippines.


Customer behaviors are changing and the current landscape is now demanding for enhanced engagement, personalized services, and compelling outcomes. By maximizing all the best communication channels suited for your business, we can help you create a customer experience driven system guaranteed to delight not just your customers, but even your team and your


Start your call center business today! No need to invest in monthly office rentals, computer and hardware purchases, and hiring more people for your team. Anderson Group Philippines’ plug-and-play offering includes everything that you will ever need from office space, fully-fitted workstations, I.T. infrastructure and support, to HR and recruitment.

The Anderson Advantage


Anderson Groups’ teams in the UK, India, Dubai, and the Philippines share not just communications system and infrastructure, but also the same work ethic, dedication, and high standards of work. We’re a model of how a business with global operations should run.


Anderson Group aims to be one of the most versatile BPO providers. AGBI features a plethora of services to ensure that every support a client needs is provided.


Anderson Group’s agent training programs welcome inputs from the client. Anderson Group ensures that the client’s imprints are all over the services they require.


Anderson Group’s services and processes are designed to fit any client situation.


Outsourcing for Customer Service Innovation – Business Strategies

Outsourcing for Customer Service Innovation – Business Strategies

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How to Effectively Manage Your Offshore Team

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Phone Remains the Most-Preferred Customer Service Channel, a Recent Study Shows

Phone Remains the Most-Preferred Customer Service Channel, a Recent Study Shows

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Call Centers: Ensuring Customer Service Support 24/7

Call Centers: Ensuring Customer Service Support 24/7

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