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Fall down seven times, get up eight

An entrepreneur’s journey to success often starts with a lot of mistakes, setbacks, and failures. But while these are frustrating, they come with awesome lessons that you can’t learn anywhere else. More than anything, they build a stronger, wiser, and a more compassionate leader that is more ready to continue the fight. Don’t just take our word for it. Read on to know four entrepreneurs whose business success stories began with failing several times. 

business stories henry ford

Image courtesy: The Hindustan Times

Henry Ford

During his childhood years, Henry Ford was a repairman of watches. Fast forward to his working years, he became an engineer and worked as one at a pioneer mechanical corporation in his area. It was during this time that he was able to create the Ford Quadricycle, an automobile prototype.

Believing in his design, Ford wanted to start his own automobile production company. Getting investors to believe in him as well, he was able to establish the Detroit Automobile Company. However, it was found that Ford’s design needs major improvement during operations. The investors grew tired and impatient, dissolving Ford’s first business. 

There was a time when Ford and one of the investors built another car company. Sadly, it didn’t work out again. Still going forward, Ford was able to find a partner that gave him more control over the operations later on. This gave birth to Model A, a design for a car that will be later known as the lightest ever made. Now, Henry Ford is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in history.


Image courtesy: De Correspondent

Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding

Bubble wrap was invented in 1960 by engineers’ Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding. The invention was supposed to be used as a textured wallpaper and for housing insulation. Little did they know that it would be a success in another purpose; when IBM used it to package a newly launched computer.


business stories macy's

Image courtesy: Fortune


R.H. Macy began with opening two dry goods shop. And as this article is committed to sharing success stories that started with failures, you’re right. These shops failed.

Despite the two initial failures, Macy opened another shop with his brother. However, he later on decided that he wanted to establish his own shop. So he did. He moved to New York and established the R.H Macy & Co. Eventually, the company expanded and grew into one of the department store giants in the United States.

Macy was also credited for a number of firsts in the shopping experience. This includes the one-price system and money-back guarantees.


business stories J.K. Rowling

Image courtesy: Bustle

J.K. Rowling

The mastermind behind the famous Harry Potter series underwent a lot of failures before she became known as the author of the best-selling book series in history. She faced the death of her mother, the divorce from her husband, and the struggle to raise her daughter alone with little money. J.K. Rowling’s manuscript for Harry Potter was also rejected twelve times before a small London publisher believed in it. Despite the setbacks, she still continued following her passion for writing. Now, her book series has been translated into 73 languages, sold millions of copies, and earned over $20 billion through movie adaptations. It is also seldom will you meet people who don’t know her name.

There is always a way through

Failure only becomes a failure when you lose hope. Never give up on your vision even when no one else sees it but you. You’ll get there just like these entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, fulfilling your vision doesn’t mean that you have to do it single-handedly. If you need help in managing some of your business functions, we can help. Anderson Group BPO is an outsourcing solutions provider that can help improve business bottom lines and increase operational efficiency at a cost-competitive price. To know more about this opportunity, contact us today!