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Through BPO, there is always someone to pick up the phone.

Effective communication is a guarantee to customer satisfaction, which would most likely lead to customer loyalty. In today’s fast-paced industries, one of the top priorities of business owners is to ensure that every concern and inquiry is well attended to. This is where outsourcing a call center comes in place.

Come to think of it, losing a customer might only take one unanswered call. And wondering what’s worse than an unanswered call? A poorly answered one. This is why call centers make a practical investment. With a set of employees focused on answering calls and addressing people’s concerns, a company is sure to be in good terms with its customers.

Starting a call center

Unfortunately, businesses may struggle setting up an in-house call center. To start with, limited staff can hamper performance in customer service. It would also divide employees’ attention between a tedious admin job they don’t usually do and the actual job they’re supposed to be focused on. And be it growing startups or large companies, the costs of training new recruits to handle customer support can take up a chunk of the budget.

This is where outsourcing becomes the best option for taking inbound calls. It puts you in a win-win situation where you get to offer a great customer experience without putting too much work on your own employees. Through this, you are able to earn greater profit while making the most of your time. Here’s why:

Outsourcing a call center provides a service that is never closed for the day.

It can be a major turn-off for customers to listen to a pre-recorded apology just because office hours are over. Having an outsourced team within a strategic timezone — like that of the Philippines, enables you to provide quality customer service at any time of day.

Offshoring also assures you of cost-efficiency.

Labor costs, rental rates, and taxes for foreign investors are all relatively lower in the Philippines. Government support to the BPO industry gives many incentives that can drastically cut your expenses. The country’s highly literate and skilled workforce also ensures quality service.  

More importantly, hearing a real person at the end of the line reassures customers that their concerns are being addressed immediately and efficiently.

Of course, not only do people want someone to answer the phone, they also want a customer service representative (CSR) who can resolve issues in the fastest way possible. A study shows that the more effective CSRs are, the more satisfied the customers are as well. Personal communication and human interaction also foster a better relationship between businesses and customers.

Anderson PH can provide you with inbound call services for processes such as:

  1. Bookings (accommodation, travel, entertainment, events, etc.)
  2. Inquiries (financial queries, product purchases, follow-ups, etc.)
  3. Consultancy (finance, business, legal matters, etc.)
  4. Emergency calls

These are just a few among many others. With us, you have a collaborative team of adaptable and trustworthy individuals who will efficiently take your calls, so never worry anymore about missing important messages or urgent concerns. Get to focus more on making your business grow, because here at Anderson PH, we want grow with you.

Gain the Filipino advantage by offshoring your call centers in the world’s #1 country for voice BPO. Know more about Anderson PH’s BPO services and see how our team can help you. Have questions? Do not hesitate to ask us through