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Chat – Help Desk

In this imperfect world, work disruptions and customer experience interruptions are unavoidable. A help desk serves as a solution to avoid these events. It can help reduce downtime, boost customer satisfaction and even serve as a means to maximize sales possibilities.

What Is a Help Desk?

A help desk provides dedicated assistance to customers. Agents resolve issues through troubleshooting, providing information, and fulfilling requests. While a help desk may cater to any issue, it mostly deals with technical matters.

The goal of a help desk is to ensure quality help is available to customers. It uses an issue tracking system to fulfill this commitment. An internal help desk can also provide Information Technology (IT) support exclusively for the employees who experience work disruptions in an organization. It aims to help employees with routine tasks such as changing a password.

Live Chat Help Desk 

More customers now rely on the web for answers to questions or problems regarding a product or service. It is one of the reasons why FAQs are accessible on websites. However, there are limits to the assistance these documents give. It is now common for a business to have multiple contact platforms. One of these channels is live chat.

A live chat is a software embedded on a website that allows real-time transmission of messages between a website browser and a live chat agent. The conversation here is much more casual compared to email. The dictionary definition of chat is informal talk. The platform gives the vibe that it’s okay to communicate casually since the conversation happens in real-time, which is similar to spoken conversation.

While customers expect to receive immediate assistance from any channel, these standards are much higher when it comes to the live chat platform. Slow responses via the platform defeat the “live” term.  Nonetheless, it’s important to note that providing quality assistance should also be a priority. Recent research on live chat showed that a majority of customers find it okay to wait if that means getting better support. Simply put, speed and accuracy are both crucial in providing live help chat.

As mentioned, live help chat could also help cover all opportunities for sale. Sometimes, an answer from you is all that it takes to turn a browser into a buyer. With a skilled live help chat agent, you could detect a sales possibility and make the necessary steps to turn it into a reality.

Benefits of Outsourcing Live Chat Help Desk

As expertise is essential in live help chat, many businesses especially startups and SMEs seek the help of outsourcing solutions providers to manage the task. It allows them to enjoy a wide variety of perks. Read on to find out the benefits you could reap when you outsource live help chat.

After-hours support
Some customers would reach out to you after your business has closed for the day. The lack of immediate assistance could lead to complaints and frustrations. In a live chat, customers expect that someone is ready to attend to their needs; otherwise, the term “live” is misleading. Outsourcing to a country with a different timezone allows you to provide real-time, quality assistance any time.
Improved customer retention
Nothing is more frustrating than reaching out to a help desk and not receiving the support you requested. Outsourcing ensures your customers receive the proper attention they need. A good outsourcing firm only deploys qualified staff who are capable of extending the real-time support your customers deserve. They empower their agents with training on the best practices for live chat and equip them with the tools and knowledge base to resolve any issue. This bears a positive customer experience, which helps improve customer retention. 
Focus on your core business
Outsourcing allows you to save on time which you could spend on improving other areas of your business. As outsourcing means surrendering control of the operations to your outsourcing partner, you don’t need to burden yourself with the cost of purchasing and maintaining the equipment your agents need. Outsourcing gives you instant access to world-class talent, relieving you of the hassles of recruiting and managing staff. You can be free from the worries of attendance, performance, and payroll when you outsource. 
Reduce costs
Businesses from the West usually outsource to reduce operational costs. The total bill of outsourcing covers the support and the equipment that outsourced agents need. You don’t need to worry about workstations and computers anymore. The savings you get could even double when you outsource offshore. Offshore countries such as the Philippines boasts a pool of competent professionals that could be part of your live help chat team at just a fraction of the cost!
Flexible Teams
If you need additional staff for a seasonal campaign, outsourcing is a great option to consider. Outsourcing firms are flexible for the duration of a certain project. It allows you to eliminate the hassles and costs of hiring and letting go of in-house employees for a short-term project.

Industries That Outsource Live Chat Help Desk

Hospitality & Tourism



Beauty & Cosmetics

Food and Beverage





IT and Software

When to Outsource Live Chat Help Desk

Thinking about whether outsourcing is good for your business? Listed below are the typical reasons that prompt several businesses to seek the help of a good outsourcing firm in managing live chat help desk operations.
  • Concentrate more on core business function
  • Ensure that every customer receives unparalleled care
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer retention
  • Improve response times
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce phone expenses
  • Cover possible sales opportunities
  • Remove the burden of hiring, training, and managing an additional staff
  • Increase efficiency of help desk operations
  • Focus on core business function
  • Skip the hassles of recruitment
  • Gain expertise in providing help desk support

What are you waiting for? Partner with a good outsourcing firm and begin achieving these goals!