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Chat – Technical Support

It is common for the relationship between a customer and a business to extend after a single purchase transaction because perfection is impossible in this world. There are times when a product could have a defect and a customer could need answers in order to continue enjoying a product. It is a scenario that is common between a customer and businesses belonging to information technology, electronics, and mechanical industries most especially. This is why a contingency is essential for these inevitable events. In the case of businesses belonging to the aforementioned industries, it is technical support.

What Is Technical Support?

Technical support is the form of support that businesses provide their customers for technology, mechanical, and electronic goods. It involves addressing a specific problem that a customer has with a product by means of troubleshooting. Technical Support Representatives are the employees-in-charge of this task. They are highly knowledgeable of the ins and outs of products and services for which they provide support. 

A company can divide technical support into levels or tiers to streamline and increase the efficiency of technical support operations. A tier 4 for technical support is often the limit for most companies. A company may deliver technical support through voice and non-voice communication channels. The latter comprises of email and live chat.

Online Technical Support Chat

Live chat is an instant messaging application that is typically located at the lower right corner of a website. It is called “live chat” because the exchange of messages through it happens in real-time. The messages are also informal as compared to email. Looking up the definition of chat online, it actually means informal conversation. Live chat exudes the vibe that the interaction is okay to be informal because the exchange happens in real-time and messages are usually short just like in a verbal conversation. 

Many customers prefer live chat for technical support primarily because they are able to obtain immediate attention to their needs. The platform also allows them to multitask while waiting for replies. It is also their go-to platform for technical support when the technical issue is not that intricate or when they need answers urgently. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support via Live Chat

Outsourcing has been a key business practice over decades. It is the practice of seeking the help of an external company in handling some of the internal business functions. The external company is known as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm or an outsourcing solutions provider. It is located onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Onshore outsourcing providers are those that are located within your home country. Nearshore outsourcing providers are those that are located in a country that is near your home country. Offshore outsourcing providers, on the other hand, are those that are located in a country that is far from your home country. Among the three, businesses usually go for outsourcing to an offshore provider because it entails more advantages in terms of cost. This page will touch on this benefit later on. 

The internal functions that businesses outsource are non-core. It means functions that are important but not the most important area of the business. For example, managing inbound calls and providing technical support via live chat. Businesses seek the help of outsourcing firms for these functions because they are experts in doing them. In short, managing non-core functions is the core business function of outsourcing firms. Read on to find out the reasons or benefits that led businesses to outsource technical support chat. 

Quality technical support
Every customer demands quality technical support via live chat always. It doesn’t mean the ability to provide fast responses via the platform alone. It is the entirety of the way your company treats both your potential and existing customers.

Agents of outsourcing firms undergo extensive training to make sure that they know everything about the products or services for which they will provide support. Good outsourcing firms also have an efficient process and the top-notch technology in place for technical support chat, enabling you to gain a competitive edge. 

Set your operations live straightaway
There are some companies who choose to do the technical support chat in-house. Although it’s an option, the recruitment process and purchase of equipment to start operations can both be expensive and tedious. The option can deplete your limited resources. When you outsource, your outsourcing partner will be responsible for the talent and equipment resources of your operations. As a result, you are able to provide unparalleled technical assistance to your customers immediately.
Add more talents easily
One advantage of outsourcing is you can obtain the talent you need easily in case you need more staff for live chat technical support and even other non-core business functions. A good outsourcing firm can take care of this need easily because it continuously pools candidates for various non-core business functions. Its recruitment efforts never stop. It is so they can have a ready reference of candidates in case a client decides to agree to a partnership with them.
Reduce operational costs
Cost-cutting is often the reason why businesses decide to outsource tasks to reliable outsourcing firms. Since they will surrender control of the operations, the purchase and maintenance of equipment and employee management are not within their court. Rather, it’s within the court of their outsourcing partner. 
Affordable labor
Another cost-related benefit of outsourcing is lower labor costs especially when you outsource offshore. Outsourcing solutions providers offshore have cheaper labor. But this doesn’t mean low-quality manpower. Offshore countries such as the Philippines will allow you to take advantage of affordable but highly-competent individuals that can represent your brand well.

Industries That Outsource Technical Support Chat


IT and Software



When to Outsource Technical Support Chat

Consider outsourcing technical support chat with a good outsourcing firm if you want to:

  • Quality labor
  • Cheap labor
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Obtain talent immediately
  • Enhance technical support
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Add more staff almost instantaneously
  • Start technical support chat immediately
  • Expand operations in a cost-effective way
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology

Please note, however, that these can only be possible if you choose the right outsourcing partner.