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Let your customers enjoy immediate help with live chat support!

Anderson Group BPO, Inc. understands how important customers are to your business success. Your clients are one of the key players for your continuous business operations. With this in mind, we offer to provide them with quality services. This will enable you to meet your customer needs and demands. We train our staff to become perceptive and pleasant. Our commitment is focused on helping your customers to help your business. As part of our services, we offer live chat support.
Live chat support enables agents and customers to address concerns or resolve issues in real-time. It appears as a pop-up dialogue box on the website of the client company. Business owners use it to provide immediate or tier 1 assistance for their customers. It is one way to attract potential clients and secure existing customers.

Meet our Live Chat Team

Our team of live chat support agents are proficient. With training and experience, they make sure your customers enjoy fast and significant responses. Here is why you should outsource your chat support to us. We can give you these advantages:
  1. Improved conversion rates. Our live chat support agents are smart and sensible. They can provide timely responses to your website visitor concerns. In turn, your clients can enjoy faster resolutions for their needs. With this service, you can have a team focused solely on cultivating customer satisfaction. Now you can convert your website guests into buying customers.
  2. Make the best use of your valuable time and effort. Yes, clients are crucial to the success of any business. Thus, a business must continuously work on improving their customer relationships. Our chat support services can help you achieve this. We’ll answer your customer requests while you focus on improving the key areas of your business with ease.
  3. Certified security and safety of business information. Anderson Group BPO Inc. worked hard to earn the ISO 27001:2013 Certification. This is proof that our information security and management systems are capable to secure and protect sensitive client data. We can help you keep your customer personal information confidential. So you can feel safe with the data you’ve entrusted to us.
  4. Cost-efficiency. Getting available and qualified candidates to make up a chat support team is laborious and time-consuming. At a cost-competitive price, you can secure an efficient chat support team immediately. We have you covered. Overhead expenses are on us. Be done with office space, utilities, and supplies concerns. Get a team complete with facilities and management with our live chat support package.

Other chat support services by Anderson Group BPO Inc.

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  • Data Validation
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At Anderson Group BPO Inc, we see to it that our services will help you improve your business. With this, we will make sure that you appear great to your customers with the time we spend with them. Send us an inquiry today at Find out more about our chat support and other BPO services.