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True to the plan announced on our last gathering to hold the Anderson Group BPO, Inc. Town Hall quarterly, our faithful HR and Managers arranged a spooky Halloween-themed party this Q3 last October 2, 2019. The event was sponsored by Jack’s Lemonade, Sleepwell, and Adventure Bags for the raffle draws and prizes.

Hosted by HR’s Ms Mary Grace Chua, the opening prayer was led by Christine Joy Baston before handing over the microphone to AGBI’s Managing Director, Atty. Teodoro Martija, II for his opening remarks.

Atty. Martija appreciated those who participated in the Halloween costume themed party and thanked the organizers for the festive arrangements. He went on to congratulate the recipients of the certificates of merit to be awarded that night, saying that not many organizations that he has worked with have as a cohesive, cooperative, and hardworking group as Anderson Group. If ever anyone has issues, he says that Operations Manager Ryan Dela Cruz, HR Manager John Raphael Ting, and himself are open to hearing it. He closes with an encouraging quote that many people are burned and destroyed by fire, but there are only a few who are forged and come out refined by it.


Sir Raph went on to discuss Anderson Group BPO, Inc.’s Business Continuity Plan procedure for earthquake and fire incidents in the light of the earthquake that happened a week before. He reminded everyone to duck and wait for the quake to stop before following the sound of the fire escape alarms to meet up in AGBI’s designated open area site at El Pueblo. He also says to always check the building if it’s safe to go back up before going back in.

Sir Ryan asks what he’s supposed to do when he’s on the phone with a foreign client. Sir Raph replies to always prioritize safety first by informing them of the situation and politely end the phone call. Ms Cathy also asks who are the marshals to approach in these situations. Sir Raph lists down the Level 1 Safety Officers AGBI has in place: Sir Raphael Ting, Mary Cris Alberca, Mary Pauline Juan, and Jaylord Medina.

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Ms. Gracie moves on to remind everyone to submit their evaluation forms covering this year’s performance from July to September on the following 3rd Quarter Performance Evaluation Dates: October 1-7 for self assessments (to be filled out by all regular employees) and staff assessments (to be filled out by managers only), and October 8-11 for overall performance reviews.

On Employee Relations, Ms Mary Cris Alberca discusses the new Republic Act No. 11036 on Mental Health and the initiatives Anderson Group has in place in compliance with the law. She reminds everyone of Atty. Martija and Sir Raph’s ongoing Anderson Cares initiative, which is a support system meant to help employees with work-related stress issues. She also informs the team of AGBI’s Mental Health Act Handbook updates, where a new Mental Wellbeing Policy has recently been added to accommodate three main frameworks: (1) to promote mental well-being, (2) offer employee support, and (3) provide open communication and monitoring of mental health-related topics.


Also in line with the new Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) act, Ms Cris announces that a Treatment and Lactation Room is now being expanded in the recently vacated HR Office. The transition started last week and its official opening will be announced via internal communications. She reminds everyone that the facility is strictly for treating minor related workforce injuries and offering a private space for nursing mothers to use breast pumps free from any intrusion (to be furnished with refrigerator).

Other OSHS requirements provided by Anderson are the First Aid Teams composed of Ms Gracie, Yngwie Macute, and Ziroh Aseoche. Our clinic partner, Aventus is also located within 5 kilometres of our locations in case of emergencies.

On ensuring workplace safety, the HR also reminds all AGBI employees to participate in our Safety & Health Seminar for workers as ordained by Republic Act 11058, Section 3 D.O. 198-18. The 8-hour mandatory training will be conducted by the HR online in 6 modules, twice a week, with an exam at the end. 

Open positions were also announced by Recruitment Manager, Sir Karl Hortinela before moving on to the awards ceremony.


Raffle Draw Winners:


Raffle Draw winners with their Adventure Bags and Sleepwell Merchandise from left to right: Neal Malabanan (IT), Marjorie Domingo (Admin), Andrew Erandio (IT), Benedict Perlas (Marketing), and Peter Olanday (Operations Manager).

Best Costume


Best Costume winner, Ms Mary Juan (Recruitment), with her Adventure Bag, Sleepwell merchandise, and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade

Top Performers


Top Performer for Marketing Department April Alfonso, with her Adventure Bag and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade


Top Performer for Operations and Support, John Michael Causing, with his Adventure Bag and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade



Top Performer for IT Administration Department Jaylord Medina, with his Adventure Bag and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade

agbi-town-hall-special -award

The Special Award for Top AGBI Employee winner Zaida Baylon, with her Adventure Bag and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade



Top Performer for IT Administration Department Noziroh Aseoche, with his Adventure Bag and a gift certificate from Jack’s Lemonade


Other Top Performers who were unable to attend the event were Vincent Rosacay under Service Desk, and Jester Blanco under Flexr.

Before wrapping up the event and feasting on the dinner, the team also welcomed our new Flexr employees: Sharina and Sheryl Ann. Congratulations everyone for a job well done!

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